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This simple strategy trades the USD/JPY pair on the daily timeframe with 10 lots. If the 20th previous candle is green then a buy is triggered with a 60 pip SL and 60 pip TP, consequently if the 20th previous candle is red then a sell is triggered with a 60 pip SL and 60 pip TP. The risk to reward ratio is a decent 1 : 1. I wanted this strategy to trade the price bias from the past as it is well known that price action from the past repeats. I have been researching this idea for some time, working with cycles - for example 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 / 7 / 10 years, “7years-7months-7weeks-7days”, and even the mystical numerology numbers 666 (bad) and 777 (good) etc. - btw, SP500 bottomed and started its present 7 year rally from level 666. I have researched and backtested for hours different pairs with this strategy by constantly changing the shift and RRR, and came up with the U/J pair for a 4 weeks back daily bias (also spent some time on getting the sweet 60 pip SL / TP for U/J). The shift 20 in this strategy is unique.
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2 01.12.2016 Comp. error dec  Download
1 01.12.2016 Executed dec  Download
verindur avatar
verindur 17 Dec.

Good choice of Currency pair :)

rashadali avatar
rashadali 19 Dec.

waw. amazing!  100% a week. that is awesome )

rossi7700 avatar
rossi7700 23 Dec.

you just discovered a Forex secret . love it

fx211pips avatar
fx211pips 23 Dec.

Thank you for the kind words. This strategy is susceptible to drawdowns, but let's hope the above drawdown will not be exeeded by friday.

fx211pips avatar

Yesterday I clicked the "test" button by mistake, which resulted in the strategy status being "computer error".

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