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High risk strategy for forex pairs. With calculation SL/TP from ATR and high martingale coefficient. First of all strategy check if open positions is present in system. Then Calculate position size, With high risk now it 1,5% of equity. Calculate atr in 8 hours, it is fast optimal parameter. TP is 2.8 ATRs, SL is 1.4 ATRs. Strategy determine day of week and hour of day and don't trade after 19 hours and on fridays. First position is open in long direction if 1hour candle close above SMA (1 minute). Short if below SMA. On trade event "Position close" if profit=0 pips or more than 0. Strategy calculate future TP/SL (2.8/1.4) from atr in 8 hours. To maximize profit on trend conditions, money management rule sum last position volume with current volume calculated as 1,5% from equity. Rule for direction same as above, 1minute sma, below and above. If we have loss (p/l below 0) on "position close" event, money management rule multiply previous volume in 2.7 times, for loses compensation and open trade in reverse direction (if previous long - next open short) https://www.dukascopy.com/fxcomm/blog/?action=post-show&post_id=223006
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