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DOS - Daily Open Strategy. This strategy checks and uses the daily open price as a reference value to enter the trades. The trading session is valid and begin at Frankfurt Opening Session “7:00GMT” till two hours before NY Closing Session “18:00 GMT”. During the trading session, each hour the actual price is compared to the “daily open price”, “daily open price + 100 pips” and “daily open price - 100 pips” in order to set long or short position according to the actual price value, if the price is below those values a buy order is settled, and if it is above those values a sell order is set. The pair traded is GBP/JPY, the SL is settled to 100 pips and the TP to 30 pips. When an order is trigged and if the TP isn’t reached within 3 hours we consider that the momentum isn’t pushing that much and the strategy start to check each hour for the increase in the account equity in order to close the order without losses. The trade volume is reduced by 70% to a more conservative amount (from 10 to 3 lots) during last week day to be prepared for the leverage reduction to 1:30 (over-the-weekend leverage).
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18 02.09.2019 Not running DOS  Download
17 01.06.2019 Not running DOS  Download
16 30.03.2017 Not running DOS  Download
15 05.03.2017 Running DOS  Download
14 31.10.2016 Not running DOS  Download
13 31.08.2016 Comp. error DOS  Download
12 04.01.2016 Not running DOS  Download
11 03.01.2016 Executed DOS  Download
10 30.09.2015 Not running DOS  Download
9 31.05.2015 Not running DOS  Download
8 04.05.2015 Not running DOS  Download
7 30.04.2015 Comp. error DOS  Download
6 19.02.2015 Executed DOS  Download
5 13.01.2015 Executed DOS  Download
4 31.12.2014 Executed DOS  Download
3 11.12.2014 Not running DOS  Download
2 11.12.2014 Not running DOS  Download
1 30.11.2014 Executed DOS  Download
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FX_Riper 21 Sep.

Very good system, good luck ...

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BilboFX 21 Sep.

Thanks @FX_Riper !!!
I hope that you are doing well and that you and your beloved are safe (God bless Mexico)

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