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This strategy for GBPUSD. I have used 30M time frame on GBPUSD. This strategy base on Time series forecast. I have Used Six different Time series forecast block with different value. Also I have used Simple Moving Average on 30 M chard with (SMA200) Value. I have also used on this strategy dynamic close/cancel position. Primary lot size was 7 M in both side order and Stop Loss is 381 PIPS, Take profit 74 Pips. I have minimize risk such as lot size, TP,SL on updated version. Because last month GBPUSD was so volatile. Hope It will works best . Thank You.

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Classificação (pontos): 252 (38)
Desempenho, $ (pontos): 8,12K$ (0)
Drawdown, % (pontos): 96.19% (2)
Bonuses: 36
Average Profit Trade: 13,44K$
Average Loss Trade: -12979.97$
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Número de trades: 25
Volumes negociados: 275,92M$
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