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This strategy uses GBPUSD. Default time frame: 4Hours. Default Lot size: 4M. Increased Lot: 9M. IT has 2 logic to open position. First: We check historical 4h candle. For example: it's a red candle. Open: 1.2900 High:1.3100 low:1.2700 close:1.2800. We substract high-open, open-close and close-low. If high-open is at least 2 times bigger than close-low and high-open is bigger and equal 10 pips we go for sell setup. Logic behind this is: Price has much potential downside in this example. Because high-open is much more than close-low. Tails gives signal about direction. Now we calculate TP and SL. We calculate TP and SL using high-open, close-low can be seen in strategy. Second Logic: It hits SL then doubles LOT size and gives 100 pips SL and TP that will covers lost pips on previoust trade. And it adjust SL to -5 pips once our position hits 20 pips profit. So that if market turns we dont lose our capital. Every other situation is symmetrical and you can understand by yourself. Describing every candle combination here is meaningless . If you cant understand strategy feel free to contact me. Thanks a lot Dukascopy for giving us such a great opportunity.

Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

Selected period: 01.09.2020 - 30.09.2020

Full Stats

Standings (points): 50 (222)
Performance, $ (points): 129,28K$ (162)
Drawdown, % (points): 49.6% (25)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 11,86K$
Average Loss Trade: -20680$
Profit factor: 0,00K
Number of trades: 60
Traded volume: 978,51M$
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Copied form XBOCT ver 1 by milanova0429

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