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julytest  (ver. LL_SLI_TPD)    Not running
strategy built on TVS and Moving average indicator
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tabanyi avatar tabanyi 1 Aug.
your onTick doesn't make any sense at all
Schaolin avatar Schaolin 31 Aug.
I think it's a coincidence that they have the same strategy, it is possible to be twins, this is the explanation I think :) sanjivk+pawansansanwal = identical strategy
rexxx81 avatar rexxx81 9 Sep.
Good luck for that week my friend...
sanjivk avatar sanjivk 14 Sep.
If somebody uses this strategy in any manner in contest, I will not submit any violation report until that participant is not taking lead from me. If that happens, I will submit violation report immediately.
yorksh avatar yorksh 28 Sep.
This strategy has been copied from other participant.
pawansansanwal avatar pawansansanwal 22 Mar.
@Yorksh and from whom????

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