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s56  (ver. 12)    Running
This strategy trades EURUSD currency pair with used margin equals part of the equity. It opens position when last three local extremum(p1,p2,p3) and current price(p4) form definite pattern. Distances in points between p1-p2, p2-p3, p3-p4 must be greater than 40,20,10 correspondingly. It sets stop loss and take profit on local extremums p1 and p2.
Standings (Points) 214 (68)
Perfomace, $ (Points) 86.53K$ (0)
Drawdown, % (Points) 34.78% (33)
Bonuses 35
Average Profit Trade 4.73K$
Average Loss Trade -20536.66$
Profit Factor 0.00K
Number of Trades 14
Traded Volume 88.61M$
% of positive trades
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