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? Total prizes won during all months
of participation in the contest
6 500$
? Total score gained during all months
of participation in the contest
2123 points
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GambrinusVJF_January  (ver. 1) 
Visual JForex Strategy
Not running
The strategy uses RSI indicator for overbought and oversold markets. It works on 1 min timeframe . Time of the day is used as a filter for position opening. During the high volatility it opens a position in the direction of the trend and in lower volatility time of the day it opens a position in a opposite way than the trend.
Standings (Points) 39 (196)
Perfomace, $ (Points) 100.00K$ (96)
Drawdown, % (Points) 0% (50)
Bonuses 50
Average Profit Trade 0$
Average Loss Trade 0$
Profit Factor 0
Number of Trades 0
Traded Volume 0$
% of positive trades
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