Mayduk21 (ver. 1) Running

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Mayduk21 strategy trade on eur/usd pair only with small take profits and trade only with the clear trends on 5 minutes main frame and its made to get only 5 points with opening every month between 20 to 35 trades with opening only every day 1 or 2 trades if the conditions achieved of the strategy in short or long trades . the main indicators i depend on on my strategy are EMA & BBANDS & Stoch & Minus_Di & RMI . in buy trades we need this conditions to match and EA open long trades : RMI 10 and stoch >20 and minusdi >20 . the strategy use the max amount of lots 15M and slippage at 5 pips and Stop-loss 100 pips .


選択した期間: 01.09.2021 - 30.09.2021

Full Stats

順位 (ポイント): 112 (151)
パフォーマンス, $ (ポイント): 82,94K$ (90)
Drawdown, % (ポイント): 48.39% (26)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 4,58K$
Average Loss Trade: -83229.15$
プロフィット・ファクター: 0,00K
取引数: 17
取引した取引金額: 539,80M$