AdvProftBSV14MAY30I1C (ver. 2) Running

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AdvProftBSV14MAY30I1C, using PVSRA lines to get signal to open new positions. First test high drawdown has be expected around 24%. Factor profit around 1.54 Balance over 120K. Copyright claiming: This strategy required my explicitly authorization to and use in the contest or live accounts

Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

Selected period: 01.06.2021 - 30.06.2021

Full Stats

Standings (points): 87 (171)
Performance, $ (points): 98,51K$ (89)
Drawdown, % (points): 6.37% (47)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 1,53K$
Average Loss Trade: -1534.11$
Profit factor: 0,00K
Number of trades: 42
Traded volume: 91,53M$
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