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The currency pairs is GBPJPY. The lots is 4% of equity. RSI 4 hour to detect the trend. If it is above 50/60 it maybe long the orders. if it is less than 50/40 then it should be short. Only place orders when ADX 15MIN is greater than 20. Place small orders at the beginning. If the small (0.001lots) order encounter more than 5 pip3 loss, then place 5 lots order in the same direction. The stoploss is 200, Take profit is 300 or when the profit is greater than 10 pip and RSI 1 min change trend by crossing 50.

Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

Selected period: 01.04.2021 - 30.04.2021

Full Stats

Standings (points): 15 (266)
Performance, $ (points): 147,17K$ (188)
Drawdown, % (points): 14.19% (43)
Bonuses: 35
Average Profit Trade: 5,24K$
Average Loss Trade: -819.18$
Profit factor: 0,00K
Number of trades: 51
Traded volume: 153,90M$
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It means that 1 pip profit is not "profit"?  The strategy version 2 is still catch 200 pip stop loss with big 5 lots and the 1 pip is not target profit. Only when rsi changed and it has over 1 pip profit it will close the "profit" lots. The last "real" trade is closed for 4 PIP PROFIT which lots of other strategies close for 3-4 pips.  so I don't think it is "HIBERNATE MODE" because the version 2 can do real trading when the market change from high trend to normal trend.

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When I get No.1 in Feb. I uploaded the new version which changed lots from proportional to equity to constant lot. It is all depending on MARKET. Because the REAL strategy will not use "kelly betting" in the whole month. Constant lots .VS. kelly betting are just POSITION MANAGEMENT. They both have good and bad side. If it is considered to "HIBERNATE MODE", the rule can be changed to NOT  allowing update in one month.

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Just found June strategy result removed my strategy which generated over 500k in June 2018. It means that Dukascopy team also thought my updated version was "hibernate mode" .  I don't care the prize as I don't need trade for living. I entered the strategy contest a few years ago, probably from the start.  It is just because I want to research trading.  I made every strategy by backtesting hundreds of different parameters. So I don't accept it is "HIBERNATE MODE".

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If you guys think it is "HIBERNATE MODE" , that is OK. I can't change anybody's mind by argument and also don't want to argue. I just want to start a new test --- keep using the "hibernate mode" strategy until it hits top 15 in some month contest. I hope it is coming soon:)

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Unfortunately the "HIBERNATE MODE" strategy hit 80% drawdown in July because I was in trip and did not have time to choose right currency pairs. It also means that it is not "HIBERNATE".  The only reason you guys thought it was hibernate is that the previous version took 500k profit in half of month.

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Just read the rule 3c "It is strongly prohibited to switch the strategy into 'hibernate mode', i.e. lower trading volume at certain equity levels, set amount calculation by decreasing formula, decrease trading volume by code update or anything else that can be seen as intentional retention of trading."  based on the rule, I agree my updated version which lower the lots from proportional to equity to 5 lots is "hibernate". However, to show fairness, it should also be prohibited to switch the strategy into "gamble mode".

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The strategy which gain good profit at the start cannot lower the trading volume but the strategy which is not good at the start can change to "gamble mode" all full of 15 lots strategy. Which is not fair at all. Please just cancel the update chance in a month. It is encouraged "gamble mode" in the whole strategy contest. The ranking result depends more on luck. It is not real traders' strategy.

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Most things exciting

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verindur 19 Mar.

Well implemented. Most of us might be thinking this way. But you have got it done. Well done. ))

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verindur 27 Mar.

About Hibernate Mode - I think the intent is to discourage people from targeted equity. But if it is part of strategy like Martingale that ur strategy switches from min to max risk following certain rules then it should be fine. That's why explaining your strategy is so important.

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Thanks for all the comments. I knew it would hit a big drawdown if I kept using Kelly Formula during the whole month.  Anyway, I hit over 1000% which is the best contest result for me. I hope it will keep breaking the record.

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There are 75 big trades, small 0.001M trades are not counted. So 20 trades limit is passed.

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It doesn't matter but strange. Why small 0.001M trades are not counted? The rule can be changed at any time? So for some Martingale strategies, their beginning lots are small, should it be counted only one trade until the bigger one gain profit as they are a "group" of trades? :-)

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verindur 9 Aug.

Perhaps the meaningless trades are not counted. Point taken. Not exactly meaningless because they help you make your real trading decision. So that Real trades. Yeah your Real Trades could follow 1,2,4,8 Martingale formula trying to recover lost ground. That would be interesting.

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