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The strategy is based on the Martingale system and uses the indicators, TEMA (in different time periods), ADX (14), RSI (14) and MACD (12/26/9) to find a good entry point. To enter the market the TEMA indicator in the 6 different periods, 1 min TEMA (70), 5 min TEMA (50), 1 hour TEMA (30), 4 hours TEMA (30), daily TEMA (15) and weekly TEMA (7), must show in the same direction. When the current TEMA candle value of all these 6 periods is lower then the last TEMA candle value, a short position is opened. At the same time, the following control values must be observed: - In the 1 hour control period, the current MACD (12/26/9) candle value must be lower then the previous MACD (12/26/9) candle value. - The ADX (14) indicator in the 5 min and the 4 hours period must be beyond the value 20 - The RSI (14) value in the following periods must be higher the value of 20: 1 min period, 5 min period, 1 hour period, 4 hours period and daily period. For a long position, the logic is exactly the opposite. The strategy works in the EUR/USD currency pair with an initial trade amount of 0.5 million. The trade amount is changing proportional to the equity. The stop loss is set to 25 pips and the take profit is set to 35 pips. After a position has been closed with loss, the following logic came to use. If the last closed trading position was a long position and this position was closed with a loss and if one of the following TEMA indicators, 1 hour TEMA (30), 4 hours TEMA (30), daily TEMA (15), weekly TEMA (7) are going downwards, than a short position will be opened with the new trade amount multiplied by the following logic: - 1st Martingale Position - Trade Amonunt multiplied with 2.5 - 2nd Martingale Position - Trade Amonunt multiplied with 2.4 - 3rd Martingale Position - Trade Amonunt multiplied by 2.2 - 4th Martingale Position - Trade Amonunt multiplied by 2.0 - Each additional Martingale Position - Trade Amonunt multiplied by 1.8 If the last closed trading position was a short position the logic is vice versa. Be advised to not use this strategy for live Trading. It's very risky.

Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

Selected period: 01.03.2021 - 31.03.2021

Full Stats

Standings (points): 99 (174)
Performance, $ (points): 95,02K$ (90)
Drawdown, % (points): 4.98% (48)
Bonuses: 36
Average Profit Trade: 1,75K$
Average Loss Trade: -2254.55$
Profit factor: 0,00K
Number of trades: 3
Traded volume: 5,12M$
sircris avatar
sircris 30 Nov.

Congratulations for your excellent performance in November 2020 !

Salbei avatar
Salbei 9 Dec.

Great perfomance and still good balance for non-lossing of deposit. What if You add one block before Your SELL or BUY decision to prevent opening positions when last trade was unprofittable and for the next position margin used amount will be more than 95% (for ex.). This way we can save our deposit from loosing deposit for a big amount.
One thing is to win strategy contest and the other thing is to use Your strategy in Live. Frankly speaking I'm using Your 09 strategy in Live and till today it shows excellent result. I would be happy to have a conversation [email protected]

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