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It's a simple strategy using Kairi indicator trading the EURUSD pair on the 5 min timeframe. The Kairi indicator is a momentum oscillator indicator which calculates the rate of change. The indicator is used to compare the strength of the pairs and is similar to the RSI and helps to determine the overbought and oversold levels. Kairi calculates deviation of the current price From its simple moving average as a percent of the moving average. kairi setting uses 30 timeperiods for calculating the deviation and uses the ema instead of the default sma. Trade setting is to trade EURUSD pair with a fixed 10M lot, stoploss at 150 pips and take profit is 6 pips which allows to grab small profits. The Strategy sells when kairi output is positive and and higher than 0.000555, and buys kairi output is negative and lower than -0.000555

Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics

Selected period: 01.12.2017 - 31.12.2017

Full Stats

Standings (points): 274 (57)
Performance, $ (points): 21,84K$ (0)
Drawdown, % (points): 78.16% (11)
Bonuses: 46
Average Profit Trade: 2,91K$
Average Loss Trade: -30375.78$
Profit factor: 0,00K
Number of trades: 57
Traded volume: 670,93M$
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I upload stratgy 07.06.2014 and rokasltu upload stratgy date is 27.06.2014.

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i notice someone  create fake account and only complain my stratgy with no reason :(

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agree with u Fx Chmpion

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Strategy is way too simple. Any strategy as simple as "IF XYZ indicator is greater then zero THEN Buy ELSE Sell." will be sees as copy of any other similar strategy.

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Yes my stratgy is very simple i upload this stratgy 2 and half year ago.My stratgy also win 2 time in this stratgy contest .

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