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Let's rock!

Dear ladies!
This is very exciting moment - last days of the contest!!
Had a closer look on the prizedraw for Miss 2014 and I can say for sure that I feel jealous, it's just unbelievable mind-blowing!!! Can you even imagine that you'll have it all?
I clearly remember my last days before the final voting a year ago when I was so exhausted by constantly doing my blog and tasks, but you know what? It's definitely worth it! You've been doing such a hard work for such a long time, worth to keep doing…
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gelderen avatar
gelderen 28 Июль

That's the spirit!

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Task 21: Interview with Mr Leo the cat

Mr Leo is sharing his heartbreaking thoughts about humans and their total ignorance in acknowledging him as their only God.
I never told you.. I speak a little cat language..
Because I'm getting the cat soon I've decided to make an interview with cat too!
It wasn't easy.. Mr Leo is currently very stressed, it is not easy to handle such huge ignorance from the humans! Everyone must see it! Tell your friends, relatives! We must help Leo to get the respect he deserves!!!
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Irina24 avatar
Irina24 20 Июль

Ахахаха) класс!!

Olga18375 avatar
Olga18375 20 Июль

Супер! Оригинально) Мне нравится))

Anastasia32 avatar
Anastasia32 10 Авг.

Класс )))) хи-хи

Convallium avatar
Convallium 17 Авг.

просто супер!

Natali_Niyazova avatar
Natali_Niyazova 25 Сент.

))посмеялась от души) спасибо!

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OMG I am so excited right now! Can't think of anything else but this and want to share my excitement with you!
We were looking for an exotic kitten for the past 2-3 weeks and just now I think we found what we wanted!! This is just the most adorable kitten I've ever seen!!! It's my birthday this Sunday and we are going to see him at his home. What a lovely beginning of a birthday isn't it? He is like wearing a tiny mask, so cute This will be my very first cat and I can't wait, I have bought …
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ilonalt avatar
ilonalt 10 Июль

When we bought our blue persian kitten, he was only 6 week old - i think even smaller than this one in a pic. He lives 5 years with us and i have never regret about it - he is very smart and good educated :) even gives his pow like a dog :) if this cute kitten will become a new member of your family - the most important to educate him well from the first days, then he will give you only positive emotions

Atashi_Tada avatar
Atashi_Tada 10 Июль

ilonalt thank you darling! yes I am going to teach him a lot so he is intelligent cat!!

Olga18375 avatar
Olga18375 11 Июль

wow) beautiful cat))

ANABEVZ avatar

i like it!)

MobNaga avatar
MobNaga 13 Нояб.

too cute!

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