November results of Strategy Contest

Posted 14 Dec.  in #Strategy
Congratulations to the Winners of November Strategy Contest!

1 dhuri10
2 galjasen
3 FXdream
4 Erno81
5 USB2Cables
6 nhamfx16
7 aslamhammad
8 amine_amine
9 nusy24
10 alevizovsky
11 megajorko
12 Naamah
13 eagl
14 trendforexi
15 PipPoint

Good luck to all Participants.
Dukascopy Community Team.

Signal Provider results

Posted 12 Dec.  in #Signal Provider
Hi traders,

Lord93 from India took the first position in the 12-month nomination of Signal Provider Grand Prix contest in November 2017 with annual result of 1.079 m USD in profit. The second place goes to inis, who managed to earn 0.783 m USD of profit in the last 12-month period. SaintFrantic has taken the third position with the result of 0.744 m USD. Participants INFINITEisTHElimit and fex closed top-5 signal providers with result of 0.733 m USD and 0.598 m USD respectively.

6-month nominations of Signal Provider winner list is the following: fex– first place with 0.743 m USD, cba777 – second place with 0.726 m USD, SibinSebastian1– third place with 0.680 m USD, SaintFrantic – fourth place with 0.677 m USD, istanbul – fifth place with 0.533 m USD.

All the best for everyone in December 2017!

Community team

Trader Contest results for November are announced.

Posted 12 Dec.  in #Trader
Hi traders,

fex from Ukraine, who managed to earn 270 points (879.72k) , has finished in the first place. Нe joined Community in May 2011. User tdurai84 finished in the second position with 242 points (442.67k) , and MrAbdallah took the third position with 235 points (406.99k) . Congratulations to the top 3 winners as well as the other finalists!

User Lakus was disqualified due to double registration.

While checking the preliminary November 2017 rankings, we found participant matrai and Svada who did not conduct the 10 required trades during the contest month and therefore they were not included in the final standings.

Meanwhile the prizes for the winners have already been credited!

All the best for everyone in December 2017!

Community team

Social Trading Contest results for November.

Posted 11 Dec.  in #Social Trading

Grizzly from Russia, who joined Community in December 2010, finished the November competition in the first place with 316.5K USD in profit. His countryman Fullbacksolncepek finished on second place with low difference in profit - 313,9K USD and was awarded with 800 USD on his account. MohamedGamal from Egypt has finished on the third place and won 600 USD.

The prizes have been credited to all finalists and are waiting for them on My finance page.

Community team

911 Contest results in November

Posted 11 Dec.  in #911

November is over and we are ready to publish the 911 contest results for the last month of Autumn.

NAVOEVA from Belarus has asked and received acceptable answers for 216 questions. Now, it might not be as much as the previous winners’ results, but it nevertheless was enough to reach the top spot in November and win 24 000 Dukats. ptuwka and AnddreyDr have finished on the second and third positions with 207 and 182 questions, respectively.

Congratulations to the first 3 winners as well as to the other 30 contestants who passed the 20 questions threshold and received their Dukats. Your prizes have already been credited and you can check them right now!

Community team

Article Contest results for September are announced.

Posted 23 Nov.  in #FX Article Contest
We have just published the results. Please visit the results page to see who won and read the end-note.