Strategy Contest February results

Strategy Posted 19 Mar 2015

Greetings, Contestants and Audience. 

February  Strategy Contests is evaluated and closed. Congratulations to Winners

1. jyjy
2. mrlfx
3. Qurek
4. past92
5. nrico
6. Schaolin
7. maske
8. sircris
9. UMARfx
10. smeetei

Good luck to all Participants.

DFC Team.

Social Trading Contest results for February

Social Trading Posted 19 Mar 2015

Hi traders,

February Social trading contestants have been checked and the results are published.

sergevna from Ukraine subscribed to 14 providers, copied 365 trades and thus managed to gain 211.9K USD of profit. This helped her to overtake other 250+ participants and to win in February. Congratulations!

We are very glad about the fact that no one of TOP-10 participants was penalized for the lack of subscribed providers or for the merged positions. Keep it up! The increased prizes have already been credited and can be found in My finances section of your Profile. Go there and transfer it to your LIVE account.

That is all for now.


Community team

Binary Contest results for February

Binary Posted 17 Mar 2015

Hi traders,

The results for February’s Binary Option contest are announced.  Contestant hedongming who finished second in July and September of 2014 finally won the first place in February of 2015. Congratulations!

The prizes for the 12 winners are already credited. At the same time, yoyoyo, yar68, and vavav are 3 winners who still didn’t get their prizes because they either stated fake name/surname or didn’t confirm their phone number.

That is all for now. We wish you all the best in March!

UPDATE: it appeared that user asfandminhas wasn't taken into account during final ranking calculation. We have added him and he substituted vavav on the 15th place.

Community team

Trader Contest results for February are announced

Trader Posted 17 Mar 2015

Hi traders,

February Trader contest is checked and closed and the results are published.

mrkbd from Bangladesh finished the month in the first place with 46 points difference from Dasak2010 who ended the month on the second place. The winner finished with almost 1 million of profit, and that helped him to get the highest score in Performance nomination. Also he was the most popular signal provider amongst the DEMO signal subscribers. Congratulations on such an achievement!

Even though mozu12 and 112233 did not break the Contest Rules, we will postpone the prize crediting process for them until they state real name/surname and confirm the phone number respectively.

That is all for now. We wish you all the best in March!

Community team

Trade Dukats on Binary Platform!

Dukat Posted 16 Mar 2015

Great news for all participants of the Dukat Contest! In terms of the contest you now have the opportunity to bid Dukats using the Binary options platform.
Transfer your Dukats to the Binary platform, trade and raise them to win!
Good luck to all Participants!

DFC Team.

Technical Analysis Contest results for January 2015

Technical Analysis Posted 12 Mar 2015

We have just published the results of January Technical Analysis Contest.

Please visit the results page to see who won. 

Thank you for your great predictions, and good luck in the future.

DFC Team

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