General questions
Q: Why did I receive a separate set of login information after registering to the Traders contest?
Answer: The second set of login information is dedicated for trading purposes. I.e. it is your logininformation for entering the contest trading platform (<a href="">

Your main, Dukascopy Forex Community account is your central account. It allows entering thecommunity, register to any of the Dukascopy Demo contests, leave comments and evaluate thetrades of the participants.
Q: Can I participate in the contest with my existing Demo account?
Answer: No, the participation in the contest is allowed only with accounts created through the contestregistration form. These accounts have certain technical differences from regular Demo accounts.The limitations existing in the contest accounts are implemented in order to ensure theircompliance to the rules of the contest. Besides, in contrast to standard Demo accounts, which arevalid only for 14 days, contest accounts are valid during the whole month of the contest and areautomatically expired in the end of the contest.
Q: How and where can I comment my trades?
Answer: Comments to the trades are passed via the pop-up window appearing on order creation in thecontest Demo platform. It is technically impossible to make a trade leaving the comment areaempty.

Then the comments appear in the traders' blog of the JForex community and in the personalblog of the trader. Any contestant or authorized user of the JForex community if allowed toevaluate and comment on the posts made by other traders/users.  
Q: How do I attach platform screenshots to my trades?
Answer: In order to attach the screenshot of your platform's chartplease mark the ""Send charts image"" checkbox in the order creationpop-up of the contest platform. The checkbox appears right afterthe comment area.
Q: What kind of comments is not desirable in the contest? Why I am receiving warnings from Dukascopy about my comments?
Answer: Dukascopy Bank expects the comments to be sensible and meaningful. The comment shouldreflect the grounds or factors that drove the trader to effectuate the particular trade.

Senseless, run-around comments are not tolerated. Even though Dukascopy will not deletethem unless they contain any sort of abuse, advertisement or any other kind of spam, the traderhas to be aware that a predominance or considerable share of ineligible comments will significantlydecrease his odds to receive any extra bonus points when being analyzed by the Dukascopyevaluation committee (4th factor of the total score).

Examples of undesirable comments that will not be valued by Dukascopy when attributing theexpert score:
"Good", "Ok", "1.5697", "Buy", "Sell" etc.

Please see the Code of conduct for thecomments in the Dukascopy Forex Community.
Q: How are the points awarded by Dukascopy (4th evaluation criteria) determined?Who defined them?
Answer: The expert evaluation accounts for 25% of traders' total monthly result. It is intended toevaluate additionally the quality of participants' analysis and their stickiness to forecasts. Besides, thisfactor evaluates the conformity of the traders to the requirements set by Dukascopy. Currently thestandard set of the evaluation criteria is based on 3 factors: 1. Share of positions opened with entryorders (the more - the better); 2. The share of positions closed by SL/TP (the more – thebetter); 3. Pips win/loss ratio.

In addition, Dukascopy reserves the right to award extra bonus points to the participants,whose activity it considers to be particularly outstanding or noticeable. However, the subjectivepoints cannot exceed 25% of the Dukascopy evaluation factor. For more information on how toimprove the Dukascopy evaluation factor, please check the Recommendations page.
Q: How can I know that the trader evaluation will be fair? What measurements will be taken toprevent "friend to friend" voting.
Answer: This will be surveyed by Dukascopy expert's. Remember, this is not the only criteria and we haveenough experience to recognize cheating. All IPs are tracked and we are able to detect duplicatedregistrations, self-voting as well as other fraudulent activity. Dukascopy registers all those cases andwill take them into account when making the final evaluation. Traders are encouraged to perceivethis information with full seriousness and be aware that their final standing may be substantiallyaffected if they intentionally undertake fraudulent actions.
Q: Why did Dukascopy introduce all these limitations on trading (2% limits, min 10 pips SL/PTs, onlyone position allowed simultaneously in one currency etc.)?
Answer: It is an analytical contest. The contest results will determine the traders with the most accuratemarket forecasts. We do not focus on pure performance. We want the trader to be consistent,rational, and confident in his own actions. Moreover, via these limitations we limit the risk ofcheating on certain factors.