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SintraJuin2014 (ver. 2)   Visual JForex Strategy
Principe général du programme. C’est extrêmement simple, deux valeurs du RSI déterminent l’achat ou la vente. Le levier est calculé pour être appliqué les jours favorables. Pendant les jours de semaine sans intérêt il n’y a pas d’opérations ou des opérations avec un petit risque. General principle of the program. It's extremely simple; two RSI values determine the purchase or sale. The leverage to be applied is calculated favourable days. During weekdays uninteresting there are no operations or operations with a small risk.
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* The chart is based on the continuous sum of periodic profits & losses. Starts from zero although traders actually start their trading with an initial deposit of 100,000 USD every month.
Standings (Points) 63 (168)
Perfomace, $ (Points) 99 995.04$ (67)
Drawdown, % (Points) 0% (50)
Bonuses 51
Average Profit Trade 0$
Average Loss Trade -3.03$
Profit Factor 0
Number of Trades 1
Traded Volume 2679.9$
% of positive trades
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sintra created an order
72 minutes ago
P/L: -7 pips
SELL 0.001M EUR/USD @ 1.34063, SL 1.34369 (31 pips),TP 1.33769 (29 pips)
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sintra created an order
3.5 hours ago / Updated on 82 minutes ago
P/L: -30 pips
SELL 0.001M EUR/USD @ 1.33998, SL 1.34300 (30 pips),TP 1.33700 (30 pips)
0 people liked it
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