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CCI4  (ver. 1) 
Visual JForex Strategy
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CCI4 Strategy Logic : If CCI crosses level line 85 downward AND current bid price is LESS or EQUAL then previous candle LOW then go long --- or --- If CCI crosses level line MINUS 85 upward AND current price is GREATER or EQUAL then the previous candle HIGH go short Candle Period is 30 minute Indicator also using 30 minute periode cci time period is 14 This is a rather simple strategy. The logic is when cci crosses level line 85 or -85 upward or dawnward. I use geometrical mm. Suitable for strategy contest i think. For detail maybe you want to check in visual jforex. Nothing is over complicated.
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* The chart is based on the continuous sum of periodic profits & losses. Starts from zero although traders actually start their trading with an initial deposit of 100,000 USD every month.
Standings (Points) 61 (174)
Perfomace, $ (Points) 100 000.00$ (74)
Drawdown, % (Points) 0% (50)
Bonuses 50
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