2014, for the most part, has been an interesting albeit quiet year for the FX markets. G10 volatility is the lowest in the post Bretton Woods era. However, while some Global macro firms are struggling, in actual fact, its been a perfect year to trade upon these ideas.

So what is Global macro? - Simply, its looking at the fundamentals of a country or area, and trading based upon the findings. Whether its in the Equity markets, the fixed income world or even in FX. Fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of investing, as has been as long as trading has existed.

Global macro is really considered a strategy, alongside the likes of Equity Long/short, Event drive, Arbitrage, Volatility... So far, this year Macro funds have performed very poorly, averaging -2.83% across the major Hedge funds.

In FX, the key determinant of a currencies value is how central banks act, and their policy. Whether they are hawkish or dovish impacts both the supply and demand for currencies , and simple economics. So far this year, there has been substantial divergences in central bank policy. And if we can correctly predict *where* they are going from here, then trading in FX becomes really simple.

If we …