Binary Contest results

Binary Posted 18 June 2014

Hi traders,

17 days have passed, and we are ready to announce a new set of winners again. Congratulations to chintya and 14 other participants!

We guess you have noticed we have implemented a contest profile for each Binary participant where you can find detailed statistics and a few more charts. You are welcome to check it out.

If you have any ideas or suggestions how to improve the contest, feel free to send us a mail at


DFC team

Social Trading Contest results for May

Social Trading Posted 17 June 2014


faizyjee has finished May in the first place and won 500 USD. He gained 363.2K USD by copying 341 trades from 35 providers. Congratulations to all the winners!
You might have noticed some new features were have added to the Contest. More is yet to come. We are planning to develop and implement a personal contest page for every user in the nearest future. Stay tuned and good luck this month.

DFC team

Trader Contest results for May are announced

Trader Posted 17 June 2014

Hi traders,

We are glad to announce another set of winners. Here they are!
The battle for the first place started in the second part on May between ahmach1 and iktorn. Two times iktorn was first but ahmach1 managed to finish with the biggest equity and overtook him.
Lexuski was third and probably would win but Lencoeur got his 22 Blog points at the very end of the month and shifted Lexuski one position down. Only 5 points divided them, and we see the lesson was learned – starting from this month, Lexuski has begun posting his trading ideas on Trader’s blog.
That is all for now. Good luck in June!

DFC team

Fundamental Analysis Contest results for 2nd week of June are announced.

Fundamental analysis Posted 13 June 2014

We have just published the results of the last week Fundamental Analysis contest. Please visit the Standings page to see who won.

Miss Dukascopy results for May are announced!

Miss Dukascopy 2014 Posted 12 June 2014

We have just published the TOP 10 winners for May. Congratulations! Here you can see the results.

Just to remind you, that starting with June 2014, we give you a new option of receiving your cash prize! It’s faster! It’s easier! And it’s more convenient! Just give us your bank account – and collect the cash prize! Please note, that the prize amount for wire transfers is reduced to 1/3. Find more information in the rules.

Good luck in June!

Cancelled Weekly Tournament 07.06.2014

Dukascopy Poker Posted 08 June 2014

Cancelled Weekly tournament on 07.06.2014 is rescheduled for Friday 13th of June 2014 at 18:00 GMT. Shortly the tournament will be available for registration in Dukascopy Poker tournament lobby.

This and all of the next Weekly tournaments will feature a single REBUY option for the price of 30 PKR. The REBUY option will be available for the first 5 levels before scheduled break time.

After 32nd REBUY in the Weekly tournament, all next REBUYs PKR amounts will be added to the PKR prize pool and distributed between the PKR payout places. Please refer to the Tournament Payout schedule available in the tournament description.

All BUYIN fees of the participants of cancelled tournament will be refunded within 2 business days.

Support Team

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