Strategy Contest

Strategy Contest August results

Strategy Posted 12 Sep 2014

Greetings, Contestants and Audience.

August Strategy Contest is evaluated and closed.

Congratulations to Winners!

1 CiprianUta 

2 aurelien1710 


4 TAA 

5 bobsley 

6 TradingwithEA 

7 ruidenunes 

8 MAD1172

9 rahaboss 

10 insky 

Good luck to all Participants.

DFC Team.

Restart your Strategies

Strategy Posted 04 Sep 2014



Strategy Contest server was stopped for maintenance reasons. New powerfull hardware was installed.

Feel free to restart your strategies on contest.


Regards, DFC Team.

Strategy Contest July results

Strategy Posted 18 Aug 2014

Greetings, Contestants and Audience.


July Strategy Contest is evaluated and closed.


Congratulations to Winners!

 1 Nacerdz 

2 BadSector 

3 sannandogars 

4 adask 

5 egidijus 

6 FXdream 

7 LinnuxFX 

8 eagl 

9 aurelien1710 

10 ilonalt 


Good luck to all Participants.


DFC Team.

June Strategy Contest Results

Strategy Posted 14 July 2014

Greetings, Contestants and Audience.

June Strategy Contest is evaluated and closed.

First, sad things, many participants have reached Top-10 but were disqualified for violation of contest Rules. Many of then tryed to get an "unfair advantage over other Participants" intentionally, some of them did it occasionally. So live examples and short Do-Not-Do List (coming soon) well create pure competition in Contest.

Second, changes in Rules had their effect! Pip-hunters have almost gone. New brilliant strategies have reached winners list and will receive their deserved prizes. Every winning strategy deserves its own review and we will publish the most interesting innovations.

Good luck to all Participants.

DFC Team.

December results for Strategy Contest

Strategy Posted 14 Jan 2014

Dear Strategists.


December Strategy contest is finished and the results are published. Congratulations to winners.

As was previously mentioned, Rulese were changed. Looking forward for January winners.

In the last month many violations were found, so penalties and disqualifications were applied.

Refresh your knowledge of Rules, in the name of fair competition.


Good luck in January.

Best regards, DFC Team.

Changes in the Rules of Strategy Contest

Strategy Posted 17 Dec 2013

Dear Strategists.

Starting from January 2014, the Rules of Strategy Contest will be changed. In order to make the competition more open and transparent, following changes will be applied:

- Performance will be valued by a maximum of 200 points (changed from 100).

- Maximum Drawdown valuation will be added. It shows maximum sum of consecutive losses. It will be valued max 50 points for 0% Drawdown (0 points for 100%).

- Popularity, PipExpert and Dukascopy points will be discarded.

- Bonuses for Open Code and Visual strategy will be unchanged.

- Strategy has to be described in detail in order to receive the prize won in contest. This means that a description of the trading logic, chart examples and other necessary information should be present in strategy description.

Happy Holidays and Best Regards, DFC Team.

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