Social Trading Contest news

Social Trading Posted 30 Jan 2015

Good news traders,

Dukascopy Community decided to double the prize fund for the Social Trading Contest. The changes are already visible on the Contest page and it means that the winners of February will share an increased prize fund of 4,000 USD, instead of 2,000 USD previously, among each other.

We have also developed the Contest profile page, and it is ready to deploy. With the new profile page, every participant will see the PnL chart, providers he/she subscribed to, and other statistics. This page will be very helpful for those who want to know how much profit or loss he/she copied from the particular subscribed provider. We will make an additional announcement when this page will be ready for using.

We hope it could make the contest more fun and attractive for participants.

Starting with February, the Merge function for Social Trading Contest accounts will be deactivated. The existing rules are already updated to reflect this change. Therefore, please avoid merging positions on your Social Trading Contest accounts.

That is all for now. All the best in February.


Community team

Miss January

Miss Dukascopy 2015 Posted 26 Jan 2015

We’re pleased to announce the 1st month’s results of the New season of Miss Dukascopy 2015 Contest!
First, we would like to say – Thank you! Thanks to everyone who participated. All the participants are worthy, and each of you could become Miss January. However, don’t get upset about it, yet we have another 9 months ahead to try our luck!

Meet Miss January SalviLeana!

The Winner of the Month will fly to Switzerland and receive presents from our sponsors. With a new style, she will visit February’s Geneva Forex Event and meet the guests of this event in person.  Remember that Miss January as well as the other Misses of the Months get automatically into the TOP 10, who already in November of this year will compete for the title of Miss Dukascopy 2015!

Prize fund increase and turnover changes for 2015

Posted 20 Jan 2015

Dear DFC participants,

We have good news for you. This year Dukascopy has decided to reasonably increase the prize fund for all the contests in the Community. Our primary target is to make the minimal prizes more substantial. The total prize fund is to increase up to the level of 1 500 000 USD or roughly by 30%.  See the preliminary prizes scheme for more details.  

What is more, we have already added a new contest this year and might add some more, which means even more prizes to you. 

However, in order to maintain balance between the increasing prize fund and continuous improvement of trading conditions, Dukascopy has taken the decision to increase the minimum turnover requirements for withdrawing the prize funds to 2 million USD for every 100 USD won in the contests.

Changes will be effective for new contest periods, starting with February 1 2015. The updated prizes will be published on each contest's page in the beginning of February. 


DFC team

Social Trading Contest results for December

Social Trading Posted 14 Jan 2015

Hi traders,

We have checked December’s winners list and are ready to publish the final results. Here they are!

fxouissam from Spain managed to gain 566K USD of signal profit and won in December. Congratulations!

Several participants were penalized for the lack of signal providers. As a result Eco and Delic moved down in the ranking, and SwiftChain was substituted by DumbAsArock. We kindly ask you to read the rules in order to avoid such penalties in a future.
That is all for now. Good luck!

Community team

Technical Analysis Contest results for November

Technical Analysis Posted 13 Jan 2015

We have just published the results of November Technical Analysis Contest. Please visit the results page to see who won.

DFC Team

Binary Contest results for December

Binary Posted 09 Jan 2015

Hi traders,

December results are published! carpe from Portugal finished first in December with more than 36K USD of profit. Congratulations! User kotrader was removed from the winners list because we found out he had registered and traded on a parallel contest account. Do not forget users are not allowed to register more than one Community account.

We also want to remind you to check out our brand new Dukat contest. The idea of the contest is very simple: be active in Community, earn Dukats for every action you do and become one of hundred lucky winners!

Community team

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