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Dukascopy Forex TV project was launched in late 2008 and it has been rapidly developing ever since. The first product to see daylight was the economic calendar and in less than a year the list of daily broadcasts grew to six. All of them are available on-line to provide traders and financial professionals with technical and fundamental analysis. Most of the broadcasts have been updated since their initial release and they now fit the 16:9 ratio standard.
Dukascopy Forex TV expanded from its base of six daily programmes as the TV project started to branch out into the journalistic world - the press review was introduced and it was soon followed by interviews on various economic topics and currency rate forecasts.
In autumn of 2011, the Geneva TV Centre was unveiled and this was a significant step towards our goal of becoming the main financial TV media provider in Geneva, a market-place for information most crucial to financial professionals. New technologies and software are implemented in order to create the perfect environment for relevant discussions, including our online communication project ‘White Board’, which was introduced during the TV Centre opening event.
The Geneva Forex Event debuted in early 2010 and the Dukascopy Forex TV Team has been covering this unique event ever since. Our journalists started working with industry-leading experts during these events and this cooperation continues today. Each month, the most successful trader is interviewed by our TV Team and we also interview the trader and strategy contest winners.
Trading can be stressful and a little bit of humour can help traders have a broader look at the economic world and this is why Dukascopy TV launched its cartoon programme. In the beginning there was simply a bull and a bear which illustrated basic trading issues and this was later changed to a new approach where we focus on the current economic and political topics.
  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Wed, Nov 25, 06:00
    There's plenty of potential market movers scheduled for Wednesday, the 25th of November, so keep watching this Economic Calendar to find out more. I'm Monica Gibson
    Swiss UBS Consumption Indicator for October is up first at 7 AM. The Index saw little change in September as growth in retail sector remains subdued.
    UK Mortgage Approvals for October are scheduled at half past 9. The number of approvals saw an unexpected drop in September and now stand at their lowest level in 4 months.
    Coming up next at 1:30 PM GMT are the closely watched US Durable Goods Orders for October. Orders posted their second consecutive monthly decline in September as core capital goods and cars were among the few subsectors to record growth.
    The highly anticipated weekly update on US Jobless Claims is out at the same time. Initial claims went down by 5 thousand during the week ending November 14 while the continuing claims dropped by 2 thousand during the week ending November 7.
    And US Personal Income and Spending for October will be available at this time as well. Both income and spending continued to grow in September but at a slower pace than anticipated.
    US House Price Index for September follows at 2. The Index inched higher in August and now stands just point 9% below its highest point reached in March 2007.
    US Preliminary Services PMI for November is released at 2:45. The Index lost point 3 points in October in light of weaker consumer spending and subdued business growth.
    US New Home Sales for October are scheduled at 3. September sales came in much weaker than expected, plunging to their lowest level in 10 months.
    The final reading of University of Michigan Consumer Confidence for November is due at the same time. The initial reading suggests the Index has continued to recover from the 11-month low it reached in September.
    And last up at 9:45 is the New Zealand Trade Balance for October. Trade deficit widened in September as imports from China rose to a record-high level.
    You've been watching the Economic Calendar for Wednesday. Our next Calendar will cover the most important news publications for Thursday, so see you then.
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  • Bruno Estier’s Market Overview
    Tue, Nov 24, 18:03
    “We should expect only minor pullbacks in the coming weeks”. Bruno Estier, Independent Market Strategist.
    Keywords: Commodities, Market Overview, Equity Markets, Equities, Equity Forecasts, Equity News, China, India, Japan, European Stocks, Stock Market News, Stocks Analysis, Nasdaq, S&P 500, USD, US Dollar, Emerging Markets, Bruno Estier, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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  • Turkey Ties Threatened?
    Phone Interview
    Tue, Nov 24, 16:48
    Will tension between Russia and Turkey have consequences for the Turkish economy? Gokce Celik, Finansbank
    Keywords: Turkey, TRY, Lira, Interest Rate, Business Confidence, US, Federal Reserve, US, Cabinet, President Erdoğan, Elections, Russia, Fighter Jet, Putin, Shot Down, Economy, Gokce Celik, Finansbank
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Tue, Nov 24, 16:00
    It’s 3 PM GMT on this Tuesday and time for the Dukascopy Movers and Shakers where we`ll find out how the 8 major currencies line up on the advancers and decliners table. I`m Monica Gibson.
    Sterling/Australia has had a bearish day and the pair has declined by almost 1% or 201.2 pips, which is the day’s biggest move.
    Antipodes lead the advancers and decliners table - Australian Dollar is point 25% up from the neighboring New Zealand Dollar, which is close to level with the Yen as Japanese Flash manufacturing PMI showed sector expanding at a faster rect.
    Yen is followed closely by the Loonie Dollar.
    Swiss Franc is just a fraction North of the Single currency as Finalized German GDP was unchanged, but IFO business climate showed improvement.
    Preliminary US GDP beat market estimates, but Buck is near the bottom of the table and up only from the UK Sterling, which is the most bearish major as Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said UK interest rates are likely to remain low for some time.
    Weekly bulls chart is led by Australia/Swissie and the pair has gained 2.48%. Sterling/Australia is the top decliner and it’s 2.29% in the red.
    Dollar/Swissie shows the biggest rise over a month and it’s 6.3% in the green. Euro/Dollar tops the bearish section with a slide of slightly more than 6%.
    These were the Movers and shakers for Tuesday. We`ll be back tomorrow with the next report, but for now, goodbye.
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  • Precious Metals Suffer
    Commodities Corner
    Tue, Nov 24, 15:49
    South Africa avoided a technical recession as GDP for the third quarter came in better than anticipated. Francois Stofberg, Efficient Group
    Keywords: Gold, Silver, South Africa, Gdp, Recession
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  • Consulting Solutions
    Tue, Nov 24, 14:56
    Finding a way to connect with other women in business offers a vast range of new opportunities. Angelika Schmahl-Vogt, Owner of Human Solutions Consulting.
    Keywords: Business, Finance, Consulting, Business Consulting, Business Support, Women In Business, Entrepreneurs, Travelling, Human Solutions Consulting, Angelika Schmahl-Vogt, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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  • Credit Cycle To Turn?
    Tue, Nov 24, 14:55
    With movements in the market, there will be opportunities for investors. Sebastien Di Iorio, PBS Investments.
    Keywords: Credit Cycle, Finance News, US Markets, US Dollar, S&P 500, Stock Market, US Equities, Equity Market, Investors, Market Movements, Europe, Euro Area, Sebastien Di Iorio, PBS Investments, Interview, Dukascopy TV
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  • A Franc Trigger
    Phone Interview
    Tue, Nov 24, 14:25
    At what point will the SNB intervene? Jennifer McKeown, Capital Economics.
    Keywords: Switzerland Economy, NFP, UBS, Swiss Business, CHF, Strong Franc, Swiss Franc, Economy News, Economic Conditions, EU, ECB, Federal Reserve, Europe Economy, Dukascopy TV
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  • Noble To Lose Status?
    Press Review
    Tue, Nov 24, 13:42
    It’s another bad day for Noble as the group looks set to be brought down a peg by Standard and Poors – shares tumble yet further as a result.
    Keywords: Noble Group, Shares, S&P, Hong Kong, Commodities, Moodys, Ratings Agency, Noble Group Junk Status, News, FX, Forex, Dukascopy TV, Press Review
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  • Midday Snapshot
    Midday Snapshot
    Tue, Nov 24, 13:00
    Hello. Jessica Walker back in the Dukascopy TV Centre with the Midday Snapshot for Tuesday. Here's a look at how market players have performed over the 12 hours to midday.
    Euro/Dollar rose by 50 pips, but it was just slightly in the green at noon as it declined from the daily high. Traded volume is average and the neutral sentiment is close to a balance. Bulls had their chances during the rise, but following correction was good news for bears.
    Pound/Dollar was moving gradually higher, but the rate was slightly in the red at midday as it dropped from the high of 1 5156. The Cable sees 40% more than typical funds and sentiment of the traders is neutral. Trend has shifted, providing both sides with their profit chances.
    Dollar/Yen’s downtrend has resulted in a loss of point 31% after 12 hours of trading. Traders have used 28% less than typical funds trading this pair and the neutral sentiment is 7% long. There have been plenty of profit chances for bears, but profits and losses should be limited by the calm trading.
    Pound/Yen took a slide from the high of 186 02 and the pair was point 41% down from the opening level at midday. Traded volume is low and the bullish sentiment of the traders is 15% long. Late decline has brought risks for investors, but losses should be cushioned by the calm trading.
    Euro/Yen rose slightly from the daily low, but a loss of point 23% was recorded at noon. Trading has been passive, volume is extremely low and the neutral sentiment is 9% long. Bears have been in better positions, but moves in funds shouldn’t be significant as trading has been passive.
    That’s it for now. The latest stats will be available on an hourly basis throughout the day so check back in.
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  • Miners Trail The Metal
    Tue, Nov 24, 11:38
    Currency falls support gold bug investors. Jordan Eliseo, ABC Bullion
    Keywords: Australia, US, Federal Reserve, FOMC, Interest, Rate, Gold, XAU, AUD, USD, Greenback, Demand, Physical, RBA, Economy, Investors, Portfolio, Precious Metal
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  • Spike Controller
    Spike Controller
    Tue, Nov 24, 10:32
    Dukascopy Forex News Team is back with yet another primary Spike Controller to let you know what news events have influenced the spread levels during the last 24 hours. I`m Jessica Walker.
    Euro/Dollar’s long term average spread is point 26 pips. Maximum separation has been 2.1 pips and both of the sides separated by 1.6 pips during the last hour.
    This pair rose from the low of 1 0593 and it has gained point 73% or 77 pips to reach the daily high.
    US existing home sales sent the spreads up to 2.1 pips yesterday at 3 PM GMT and both of the sides moved 1.6 pips apart today as the German IFO survey was released.
    The Cable’s long term average and maximum spreads are point 87 and 5.7 pips respectively.
    Pound/Dollar moved sharply down yesterday and it lost a total of point 54% or 82 pips.
    Spreads were elevated for a number of ticks yesterday at 3 PM GMT as the US existing home sales stats were out, but you shouldn’t have seen a gap bigger than 5.7 pips.
    Last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has a daily average spread of point 3 pips. Maximum separation has been 2.4 pips.
    Last 24 hours have been bearish for this pair, it has depreciated by point 67% or 82 pips.
    The US existing home sales have had the most pressure on the spreads for this pair as well, but 2.4 pips is the most you should have been charged.
    You’ve been watching the main Spike Controller for Tuesday. We`ll be updating these stats on an hourly basis, so stay tuned.
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  • Trading Signals
    Trading Signals
    Tue, Nov 24, 09:03
    Hello, I'm Louise McCauley with Tuesday's Primary Daily Trading Signals. Here's how the interbank sentiment compares with the technical studies at 8 AM GMT.
    First up is the Euro/Dollar with 5 and 6 neutral indicators on its 1 and 4-hour charts, respectively. The daily outlook is mostly bearish, but the interbank is almost at a balance, thus supporting the short and mid-term studies.
    6 studies point North on Pound/Dollar's hourly chart, and the mid-term brings 5 neutral prompts. Bearish indicators prevail on the long-term chart. Neutral at less than 3% long, the interbank confirms the 4-hour models.
    Dollar/Yen is overwhelmingly bearish on its short and mid-term charts, and the long-term scale is divided between red and neutral models. In contrast, the interbank is strongly bullish at more than 50% long.
    Next up is the Pound/Yen with 4 neutral models on its short-term scale. The 4-hour scale brings 5 sell prompts, and the 24-hour chart is split between neutral and bearish indicators. The interbank is neutral at less than 6% short, and it matches the 1-hour models.
    And Euro/Yen is mostly neutral on its hourly chart, but the mid and long-term scales bring 5 sell prompts each, and they are backed up by the interbank, which is strongly bearish at more than 66% short.
    You've been watching the Main Daily Trading Signals for Tuesday, but we'll be providing you with the latest updates throughout the day, so check back.
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  • Support and Resistance
    Support and Resistance
    Tue, Nov 24, 07:58
    Hello, I'm Sinead MacLaughlin with the Support and Resistance Level Report for Tuesday. Here's how our in-house model tests out today.
    The first pair for this report is the Euro/Dollar, which has R1 of 1 0650 and S1 of 1 0620.
    The lowest resistance line has found 8 matches, and the second line sees 5 confirmations. R3 is backed up by a 20 day moving average, a 6 month low and 2 other models. S1 leads in support with 7 studies, and the other two lines have found 4 matches each, including Price Channel Indicator Lower Line for S2 and a 4 year low for S3.
    The Cable has been trending lower, and it is now trading in the range limited by R1 of 1 5150 and S1 of 1 5110.
    R2 is the most confirmed resistance line with 15 models. The lowest line has found 5 matches, and R3 is backed up by Price Channel Indicator Upper Line, a psychological level and another study. Standing at a 3 month low, S1 sees 3 confirmations. S2 is supported by Bollinger Lower Band and Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, and S3 is a psychological level with 2 matches.
    Dollar/Yen has the closest levels of 122 90 in resistance and 122 60 in support.
    R1 leads in resistance with 13 models, and R2 counts Price Channel Indicator Upper Line among its 4 studies. R3 is Bollinger Upper Band with 2 matches. The highest support line has found 8 confirmations, and S2 is a 20 day moving average with 4 models. Standing at a 150 day moving average, S3 has found 3 matches.
    And last up is the Dollar/Swiss Franc, which stands below R1 of 1 0190 and above S1 of 1 0150.
    R1 is backed up by 9 models, and R2 has found 5 matches, including Bollinger Upper Band and Price Channel Indicator Upper Line. R3 is a 4 year high with 4 confirmations. S1 leads in support with 9 studies, and S2 counts a 20 day moving average among its 6 models. S3 is an important psychological level with 4 confirmations.
    You've been watching the Support and Resistance Level Report for Tuesday. We'll be back on Monday with the next overview of the key price levels, so see you then.
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  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Tue, Nov 24, 06:00
    Tuesday brings an important update on the US economy, so let's take a closer look. I'm Louise McCauley with the Economic Calendar.
    Coming up first at 7 AM is the final reading of German third quarter GDP. The preliminary estimate suggests a slower quarterly growth than the point 4% gain during the previous three months.
    The high importance German Ifo Business Sentiment for November is out at 9. The Index slipped in October, following four months of back-to-back growth.
    Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens will be giving a closely watched speech at 9:05 when he will be discussing the economic policy at the Australian Business Economists Annual Dinner.
    Coming up next at 1:30 PM GMT is the highly anticipated second estimate of US third quarter GDP. The preliminary estimate suggests a slower growth than the 3.9% increase during the previous quarter, but the figure is likely to be revised upwards.
    US S&P Home Price Index for September follows at 2. The Index continued growing in August, and at a faster pace than the 4.9% gain a month ago.
    The closely watched US Consumer Confidence Index for November will be released at 3. The Index came in much weaker than anticipated in October, losing 5 points from the 8-month high reached the previous month.
    And the last event on the schedule comes at 11:50 when the Bank of Japan will publish the Minutes of its October Monetary Policy Meeting, which brought no changes to the Bank's dovish stance.
    That concludes the Economic Calendar for Tuesday, the 24th of November. Check back in for the next overview of news releases for Wednesday. Goodbye.
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  • Euro Continues Lower
    Mon, Nov 23, 16:56
    What outlook does the technical analysis give for currencies, commodities and equities? Jean-Francois Owczarczak, Director, Management Joint Trust and
    Keywords: Euro, Dollar, Dukascopy TV, Strong Dollar, FOMC, Meeting Minutes, Greece, US, Sterling, Gold, Pound, Cable, Euro, USD, AUD, GBP, EUR, JPY, Yen, Japan, Equities, Treasury, Three, Month, Jean-Francois, Owczarczak, Management, Joint, Trust, MJT, Trend, 2015, Target, Bull, Bear, Risk, Market, Analysis, ECB, Fed, Rate, Decision, Prediction, Invest, Weekly, Hourly, Long, Short, Term, Draghi, Speech
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Mon, Nov 23, 15:40
    Hello, I’m Sinead MacLaughlin and these are the Dukascopy Movers and Shakers for Monday, 23rd of November.
    Kiwi Dollar has declined point 55% against the Swissie and that’s the day’s biggest move. Sharpest slide took place just shortly after midnight GMT and then once again after 6 o’clock.
    Start of this week is light in terms of news publications and Swiss Franc tops the advancers and decliners table
    Single currency is mostly higher as Flash Euro Zone manufacturing and services PMIs surprised on the upside.
    It’s a bank holiday in Japan and Yen is followed closely by the Loonie Dollar, which is close to level with the Buck.
    UK Sterling is having a generally bearish day and it’s up only from the antipodes.
    Australian Dollar is followed by the neighboring Kiwi Dollar, which is currently the most bearish of the 8 majors on the table.
    Australia/Swissie tops the weekly bulls chart and the pair has gained 2.43%. Euro/Australia is the most bearish pair and it’s 1.89% in the red.
    Monthly bulls table is led by Dollar/Swissie and it’s up by 6.59%. Euro/Dollar has depreciated the most and it’s 6.26% in the negative territory.
    That’s it for this week’s first overview, but do click back tomorrow when the next report will be available. Goodbye.
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  • Undercurrent Of Caution
    Phone Interview
    Mon, Nov 23, 14:59
    The defence sector has been reinvigorated. Alastair McCaig, IG
    Keywords: Eurozone, Germany, France, PMI, Euro, Weakness, Services, Manufacturing, EU, UK, George Osbourne, David Cameron, Autumn Statement, , Defence, Spending, ISIS, Hollande, US, Q3, GDP Growth, Federal Reserve, December Interest Rate, Janet Yellen, FOMC, Alastair McCaig, IG
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  • EUR/USD To Fall Below Parity
    Mon, Nov 23, 14:53
    EUR/USD bullish bounce or bearish break? Niels Christensen, Nordea
    Keywords: EUR/ USD, U.S. GDP, Federal Reserve, Parity, Euro Zone, Confidence, Fed Rate Rise, Janet Yellen, Mario Draghi, ECB, Quantitative Easing, Nordea Bank
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  • Midday Snapshot
    Midday Snapshot
    Mon, Nov 23, 13:09
    It’s noon GMT on this Monday and time for the Midday Snapshot where we`ll find out how it has been shaping up for the currency traders. I`m Jessica Walker.
    Euro/Dollar has been calmer than usual, walking in a corridor of 44 pips, but the pair has attracted 44% more than typical funds. Sentiment of the traders is neutral, 5% short. Both sides have seen some chances, but the generally flat rate movement should limit moves in funds.
    Pound/Dollar has been trending lower and the pair stands point 41% in the red at noon. The Cable has attracted 31% less than average funds and most of the traders have been forecasting the rate to head higher. Gradual downtrend makes losses more likely for investors, but they should be cushioned by the calm trading.
    Dollar/Yen surged early in the day and it was point 21% in the positive territory at 12 o’clock. Trading has been passive, volume is extremely low and the bullish sentiment is 15% long. Traders saw some solid chances early in the day, but the passive trading is the limiting factor.
    Pound/Yen rose slightly, but a following slide has resulted in a loss of point 2%. Turnover is 34% down from the pair’s monthly average and the bullish sentiment of the traders is 25% long. Late slide has brought serious risks for investors.
    Euro/Yen has walked in a total range of only 47 pips and traded volume is high. Sentiment of the market players is neutral, at a balance. Both sides have seen some chances, but moves in funds should be limited by the narrow price movement range.
    This concludes Monday’s Midday Snapshot. Find out the latest changes in trader performance trends by clicking back for the hourly updates.
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