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Dukascopy Forex TV project was launched in late 2008 and it has been rapidly developing ever since. The first product to see daylight was the economic calendar and in less than a year the list of daily broadcasts grew to six. All of them are available on-line to provide traders and financial professionals with technical and fundamental analysis. Most of the broadcasts have been updated since their initial release and they now fit the 16:9 ratio standard.
Dukascopy Forex TV expanded from its base of six daily programmes as the TV project started to branch out into the journalistic world - the press review was introduced and it was soon followed by interviews on various economic topics and currency rate forecasts.
In autumn of 2011, the Geneva TV Centre was unveiled and this was a significant step towards our goal of becoming the main financial TV media provider in Geneva, a market-place for information most crucial to financial professionals. New technologies and software are implemented in order to create the perfect environment for relevant discussions, including our online communication project ‘White Board’, which was introduced during the TV Centre opening event.
The Geneva Forex Event debuted in early 2010 and the Dukascopy Forex TV Team has been covering this unique event ever since. Our journalists started working with industry-leading experts during these events and this cooperation continues today. Each month, the most successful trader is interviewed by our TV Team and we also interview the trader and strategy contest winners.
Trading can be stressful and a little bit of humour can help traders have a broader look at the economic world and this is why Dukascopy TV launched its cartoon programme. In the beginning there was simply a bull and a bear which illustrated basic trading issues and this was later changed to a new approach where we focus on the current economic and political topics.
  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Thu, Oct 08, 06:00
    Thursday brings a highly anticipated insight in the Fed's September meeting, so keep watching this Economic Calendar to find out more. I'm Monica Gibson
    Starting things off at quarter to 6 AM is the Swiss Unemployment Rate for September. The seasonally adjusted rate has stood unchanged for the past 5 months.
    German Trade Balance for August follows at 6. Trade surplus widened to a record-high level in July as weak Euro boosted exports to non-Euro Zone countries.
    Bank of England will release its highly anticipated Monetary Policy Statement at 11. The previous meeting brought no changes to the interest rates, but the Bank did lower its third-quarter growth estimate.
    Canadian Housing Starts for September are up next at 12:15 PM GMT. The August data came in better than anticipated, reaching the highest level in almost 2 years.
    The closely watched weekly update on US Jobless Claims is out at half past noon. Initial claims grew by 10 thousand during the week ending September 26, whereas the continuing claims dropped by no less than 53 thousand during the week ending September 19 and now stand at a 15 year low.
    Canadian New Housing Price Index for August is available at the same time. The Index has been growing for the past 4 months.
    Federal Open Market Committee will publish the highly anticipated Minutes of its September meeting at 6. Some traders had anticipated a rate hike, so the Minutes will be scrutinised for any clues as to why the hike was delayed and when it could be coming.
    Bank of England Governor Mark Carney will be giving a closely watched speech at the same time, as he will participate in a CNN debate on the global economy in Lima, Peru.
    And last up at half past midnight are the Australian Home Loans for August. The number of loans continued growing in July, but at a slower pace than the strong 4.8% gain a month ago.
    So these are the news releases to watch on Thursday, the 8th of October. Check back in for the next overview of news publications for Friday. Goodbye.
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  • BRL Inflation Clout
    Phone Interview
    Wed, Oct 07, 16:00
    Brazil's central bank willing to do whatever is necessary, Lisa Alexandersson, Noreda
    Keywords: Brazil, CPI, Inflation, BRL Foreign Direct Investment, GDP Growth, World Bank, Argentina, GDP Prediction, Mexico Economic Activity, Data Release, PRI Party, Latin America, Fed Rate Hike, Imports, Exports
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Wed, Oct 07, 15:42
    There are some significant rate shifts on the FX markets, so let’s find out how the 8 majors line up at 3 PM GMT. I’m Jessica Walker.
    New Zealand/Swissie has surged and the pair is up by 1.75%, which is the day’s biggest move and it translates into a gain of 110.6 pips.
    The US stock indexes have opened in the green and antipodes lead the list. New Zealand Dollar is the most bullish major, followed by the neighboring Australian Dollar.
    UK Manufacturing and industrial production reports were positive and Sterling is mostly higher.
    The Bank of Japan left monetary policy unchanged and Japanese Yen is a fraction up from the Loonie Dollar as Canadian building permits plummeted by 3.7%.
    US Dollar is near the bottom of the table, having lost a considerable 1.47% against the top advancer Kiwi Dollar.
    German industrial production disappointed and Single currency is up only from the Swiss Franc, which wraps up the advancers and decliners table.
    Let’s take a look at longer terms. New Zealand/Yen tops the weekly bulls table and the pair has gained almost 4%. Dollar/Canada is the most bearish pair and it’s down by more than 3%.
    New Zealand/Yen leads the monthly bulls list and it has gained 6.68%. Sterling/New Zealand is the top decliner and it has lost 5.58%.
    That’s it for Wednesday’s Movers and Shakers. Check back tomorrow when the next overview will be available, but for now, goodbye.
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  • Midday Snapshot
    Midday Snapshot
    Wed, Oct 07, 12:56
    It's time once again for the Midday Snapshot. I'm Sinead MacLaughlin with a look at how market players have fared during this morning session.
    Euro/Dollar was moving lower to hit the low of 1 1222, but a following rise has taken the rate back near the opening level. Traded volume is average and the neutral sentiment of the traders is close to a balance. Trend has changed during the morning session, providing both sides with profit opportunities.
    Pound/Dollar shot up by close to 100 pips and it was point 51% in the green at midday. The Cable sees 62% more than typical funds and the sentiment of the traders is neutral, 4% long. Bullish rate movement puts traders who were long in better positions.
    Dollar/Yen dropped early in the day, but most of the loss was recovered in the following uptrend. Traded volume is average and the neutral sentiment of the traders is close to a balance. Bears had their chances during the early slide, but the following uptrend was good news for bulls.
    Pound/Yen has been mostly moving higher and it was point 38% up from the opening level at noon. This pair sees 38% less than typical funds and most of the traders have been forecasting the rate to move South. Uptrend has brought risks for investors, but losses should be cushioned by the calm trading.
    Euro/Yen’s steep slide was followed by a rise and a loss of point 14% was posted at 12 o’clock. This pair has attracted more than double the monthly average funds and the bearish sentiment is at 25% short. Traders had plenty of chances during the slide, but the late rise brought some risks as well.
    That brings Wednesday's Midday Snapshot to an end. As usual, these stats are updated on an hourly basis throughout the day so stay tuned.
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  • Inverse QE Looming?
    Wed, Oct 07, 12:39
    Krone has displayed the biggest increase in volatility against the euro of the major currencies over the past three months - what's next? Bjørn Roger Wilhelmsen, Nordkinn Asset Management.
    Keywords: Bjørn Roger Wilhelmsen, Nordkinn Asset Management, Norway, NOK, EUR/NOK, Oil, Interest Rates, ECB, Riksbank, NorgesBank,
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  • Kuroda Keeps Hold
    Press Review
    Wed, Oct 07, 12:08
    The Bank of Japan keeps monetary policy steady.
    Keywords: Japan, Bank Of Japan, Stimulus, Exports, Industrial Production, Business Confidence, Ease, BOJ, Haruhiko Kuroda, Recession, GDP, Growth, Yen, Monetary Policy
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  • Spike Controller
    Spike Controller
    Wed, Oct 07, 11:01
    Assess the fairness of your broker by watching the primary Dukascopy Spike Controller for this Wednesday. I`m Jessica Walker.
    Euro/Dollar’s long term average spread is point 29 pips and peak separation has been 1.1 pips.
    Last 24 hours have been bullish for this pair as it gained point 75% or 84 pips, before retreating from the high of 1 1285.
    Spreads have been generally calm and the biggest spread of 1.1 pips took place today at 3 o’clock in the morning.
    The Cable’s long term average is slightly above 1 pip and both of the sides were 9.6 pips apart during the last 4 hours.
    Pound/Dollar has been on a bullish run and it has gained slightly more than 1% or 153 pips from the low of 1 5159.
    UK Industrial production data was out today at 8:30 in the morning and that’s the time of the peak daily spread, but make sure you haven’t been charged more than 9.6 pips.
    Last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has long term average and maximum spreads of point 43 and 3.8 pips respectively.
    This pair has dropped by point 61% or 74 pips, but it rose from the low of 119 76.
    Spreads were slightly elevated today at 3 o’clock in the morning, but anything far above the max of 3.8 pips should be questioned.
    This brings Wednesday’s main Spike Controller to an end. These stats will be updated on an hourly basis, so stay tuned.
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  • Trading Signals
    Trading Signals
    Wed, Oct 07, 08:59
    Hello, I'm Sinead MacLaughlin with Wednesday's Main Daily Trading Signals. Let's take a closer look at the technical studies and how they compare with the interbank sentiment at 8 AM GMT.
    Euro/Dollar is mostly bearish in the short-term, but the mid and long-term charts turn neutral with 5 and 4 studies, respectively, and they are in line with the less than 3% long interbank stance.
    Pound/Dollar is overwhelmingly bullish on its 1 and 4-hour scales, and the 24-hour chart brings 6 neutral indicators, but the interbank is bearish at more than 25% short and does not support the technical studies.
    Next up is the Dollar/Yen with 4 neutral indicators on its hourly chart and 4 sell prompts on its mid-term scale. The daily outlook is back to neutral, whereas the interbank is strongly bearish at 62% short, and it matches the 4-hour models.
    Pound/Yen sees a mix of green and neutral models in the short-term. Bullish models prevail on the mid-term chart, and the long-term is mostly neutral but, in contrast, the interbank is bearish at more than 50% short.
    And bearish indicators prevail on Euro/Yen's hourly chart. The mid-term brings 6 neutral models, and the daily chart turns green with 5 studies. Neutral at less than 2% short, the interbank supports the 4-hour models.
    You've been watching the Primary Daily Trading Signals for Wednesday. Stay tuned for the hourly updates.
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  • FINMA & FinTech
    Wed, Oct 07, 08:21
    What is the positioning of the FINMA regarding FinTech? Claude Gentile, BrainServe Ltd
    Keywords: FINMA, FinTech, Banking, Banking License, UBS, Credit Suisse, Swiss Banking, Light, Banking Data, Data Protection, BrainServe, Innovation, Datacenter, Laws, Regulations, Start Up Companies, Geneva, Switzerland, Duksacopy TV,
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  • Price Moves In The Energy Sector
    Wed, Oct 07, 08:03
    Going forward what are the main newsflow in gas for the coming winter? Thierry Bros, Société Générale
    Keywords: Energy, Price, Gas, Oil, Commodities, Winter, 2008, Economic Crisis, Temperature Rises, Economic Effects, Geopolitical, Economic Impacts, Growth, Strategy, Current Economy, Challenges, Economic Cycle, Interviews, Dukascopy TV, Société Générale
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  • Support and Resistance
    Support and Resistance
    Wed, Oct 07, 07:03
    It's time for Wednesday's Support and Resistance Level Report. I'm Monica Gibson with a closer look at how our in-house model tests out today.
    Euro/Dollar has recovered some ground and now stands between R1 of 1 1280 and S1 of 1 1250.
    The upper and lower resistance lines have found 2 confirmations each, including Price Channel Indicator Upper Line for R3, and Bollinger Upper Band is the only match for R2. Standing at a 50 day moving average, S2 is well confirmed with 11 studies, and S1 counts a 20 day moving average among its 8 models. S3 is supported by Price Channel Indicator Lower Line, Bollinger Lower Band and another study.
    The Cable is up as well, and it is trading in the range limited by R1 of 1 5270 and S1 of 1 5220.
    R3 is backed up by a psychological level, a 100 day moving average and another model, and R2 is a 20 day moving average with 2 matches. The lowest resistance line sees a single confirmation. S2 leads in support with 5 studies, including Price Channel Indicator Lower Line and a 3 month low, and S1 has found 4 matches. S3 counts Bollinger Lower Band among its 2 models.
    Dollar/Yen has seen a drop, and it currently has the closest levels of 120 20 in resistance and 119 90 in support.
    R1 is well confirmed with 13 models, including a 20 day moving average, and R3 counts Price Channel Indicator Upper Line among its 4 studies. Bollinger Upper Band is among the 3 matches for R2. Standing near a psychological level, S1 sees 13 confirmations, and the second line has found 5 matches, including Bollinger Lower Band. S3 counts Price Channel Indicator Lower Line among its 3 models.
    Dollar/Swiss Franc plunged yesterday afternoon and now finds itself below R1 of 0 9680 and above S1 of 0 9640.
    R2 is Bollinger Upper Band with 6 studies, and R3 counts Price Channel Indicator Upper Line among its 3 matches. The lowest resistance line sees a single confirmation. S1 counts Bollinger Lower Band among its 3 models, and S2 is a 150 day moving average with 2 matches. A psychological level is the only match for S3.
    You've been watching the Support and Resistance Level Report for Wednesday. We'll be back tomorrow with the next edition, so check back.
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  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Wed, Oct 07, 06:00
    Hello, I'm Louise McCauley and you're watching the Dukascopy Economic Calendar. Here's a rundown of the most important news releases scheduled for Wednesday, the 7th of October.
    Coming up first at 6 AM is the German Industrial Production for August. Industrial production rebounded in July, partially reversing a point 9% drop the previous month.
    UK Industrial Production for August follows at 8:30. Output continued to decline in July, pushed lower by a strong decrease in machinery manufacturing.
    Canadian Building Permits for August are up next at 12:30 PM GMT. Building permits inched lower in July, following a strong 15.5% gain a month ago.
    UK NIESR GDP Estimate for September is released at 2. The previous estimate covered the three months up to August and noted a slight deceleration from a point 6% growth during the previous period.
    Coming up next at 7 o'clock in the evening is the US Consumer Credit for August. Consumer credit rose to a record-high level in July, following the already-remarkable 27.1 billion gain in June.
    UK RICS House Price Balance for September is scheduled at 11:01. The Index has been rising for the past 7 months and now stands at its highest level since June 2014.
    And Japanese Machinery Orders for August concludes the schedule at 11:50. The number of orders declined in July as a drop in domestic orders reversed gains overseas.
    You've been watching the Economic Calendar for Wednesday. Check back in for the next overview of news publications for Thursday. Goodbye.
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  • Future Of FX & Derivatives Developments
    Tue, Oct 06, 16:29
    Patrick Young chaired the Crossfire Panel at the 36th Burgenstock meeting, what stood out for him in the changing world of finance? Patrick Young, Founder of Exchange Invest

    Keywords: Burgenstock, 2015, Swiss Futures, Options, Associations, Swiss, Derivatives, Forum, Commodities, Geneva, NASDAQ, ICE, CME, LME, Buy-Side, Block Chain, Internet, Evolution, Technology, Future, Forex, Currency, Exchange, Clearing, Regulations, Regulators
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  • Changing Role Of Derivatives
    Tue, Oct 06, 16:29
    An insight to the Buy-Side panel at the Burgenstock meeting. Hirander Misra, Co-Founder of GMEX Group

    Keywords: Burgenstock, 2015, Swiss Futures, Options, Associations, Swiss, Derivatives, Forum, Commodities, Geneva, NASDAQ, ICE, CME, LME, Buy-Side, Block Chain, Internet, Evolution, Technology, Future, Forex, Currency, Exchange, Clearing, Regulations, Regulators
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  • Another US Data Miss
    Phone Interview
    Tue, Oct 06, 16:17
    'Growth to be negatively effected'. Joost van Leenders, BNP Paribas.
    Keywords: US Trade Balance, US FED, FOMC, US NFP, Sour Milk Fight, Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Congress, Joost Van Leenders, BNP Paribas, DukascopyTv
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  • Innovation & Regulatory Change In Markets
    Tue, Oct 06, 16:12
    Are commodity markets adding liquidity to the markets? James Davies, COO, GMEX Group
    Keywords: Burgenstock, 2015, Swiss Futures, Options, Associations, Swiss, Derivatives, Forum, Commodities, Geneva, NASDAQ, ICE, CME, LME, Buy-Side, Block Chain, Internet, Evolution, Technology, Future, Forex, Currency, Exchange, Clearing, Regulations, Regulators, Porting, Asset Managers, Banks, Hedge Funds
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  • Bürgenstock Day 2
    Geneva TV Show
    Tue, Oct 06, 16:11
    An inside look into the 36th Bürgenstock meetings talks and panels with financial experts from all over the world.

    Keywords: Bürgenstock, Commodities, Derivatives, Keynote Speeches, International Regulators, Geneva, Switzerland, Finance, Emerging Markets, Blockchain, Bloomberg News, CME, NASDAQ, Trading
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Tue, Oct 06, 16:00
    It’s 3 PM GMT on this Tuesday so let’s see what has been moving and shaking so far on the currency markets. I’m Monica Gibson.
    Australia/Dollar surged during the early trading hours and it stands point 59% in the green, which is the day’s biggest move.
    The RBA left monetary policy unchanged and Ozzy Dollar tops the advancers and decliners table, despite a weak trade report.
    Swiss Franc trades in a close range with the Euro, which is mostly higher even though the German factory orders disappointed.
    UK Halifax house price index dropped and Sterling is point 14% down from the Single currency.
    Safe-haven Japanese Yen is a fraction up from the Kiwi Dollar. Overnight New Zealand business confidence was reported sliding well into the red.
    Canadian Ivey PMI and trade report both were weaker than expected and Loonie Dollar is close to level with the Buck, which wraps up the advancers and decliners as the US trade data disappointed.
    Weekly bulls chart is led by New Zealand/Dollar and the pair has gained 2.2%. Dollar/Canada is the most bearish pair and it has lost slightly more than 2%.
    New Zealand/Swissie shows the biggest rise on the monthly chart and the pair stands 2.9% in the green. Sterling/New Zealand is the top decliner and it’s down by more than 3%.
    This is how the 8 majors line up at 3 PM GMT. Check back tomorrow when we`ll be back with the next movers and shakers report. Goodbye.
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  • Startup Deal Terms
    Tue, Oct 06, 15:37
    Deal Terms for early stage investors. André Delafontaine, Partner at Go Beyond Investing
    Keywords: Early Stage Investing, Crowdfunding, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Portfolio, Investing, Returns, Alpha, Investing, Go Beyond, Switzerland, CHF, Online Platform, Lemoptix, Sensima, Faction Collective, Risk, Risk Management, Group Investing, Cross Boarder Investing, Multi Local Groups, Business Angels, Founders, Family And Friends, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Portfolio Management, Portfolio Analysi
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  • Investing in Tesla
    Tue, Oct 06, 15:35
    Thoughts on investment strategies, places to invest your money, pitfalls to avoid in the markets, growing your capital and making money, Matthew Stevenson.
    Keywords: Investments, Strategies, Dukascopy TV, Returns On Equity, Success, Guidance, Matthew Stevenson, Getting Ahead With Your Money, Performance, Asset Allocation, Common Investing Mistakes, Making Your Money Work As Hard You Do, Stocks, Bonds, Gold, Commodities, Strategies For Investment, Markets, Tesla, EV, Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars, Supercharger, Motor Company, CA, Start-up
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