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  • Economic Calendar
    Jun 01, 00:06

    Economic Calendar

  • Investing in Greek Bonds
    May 29, 16:31


  • Movers and Shakers
    May 29, 15:49

    Movers and Shakers

  • Weekly Wrap Up
    May 29, 15:24

    Phone Interview

  • Community Stars Nr.72
    May 29, 14:34

    Community Contests

  • Swiss Economy Shrinks
    May 29, 14:16


  • YouYou Mobile
    May 29, 13:53


  • Midday Snapshot
    May 29, 12:33

    Midday Snapshot

  • APAC Outlook
    May 29, 12:15


  • Spike Controller
    May 29, 10:43

    Spike Controller

  • The Japan Paradox
    May 29, 10:40

    Press Review

  • What Will OPEC Do?
    May 29, 10:02


  • Effective Risk Management
    May 29, 09:36


  • Perspectives for G20 Currencies
    May 29, 09:34


  • Industry Catch-Up
    May 29, 09:15

    Industry Catch-Up

  • Go Beyond Investing
    May 29, 09:08


  • Trading Signals
    May 29, 08:50

    Trading Signals

  • Support and Resistance
    May 29, 07:21

    Support and Resistance

  • Economic Calendar
    May 29, 06:00

    Economic Calendar

  • Canada Banking On US Rebound
    May 28, 16:51

    Phone Interview

About Us
Dukascopy Forex TV project was launched in late 2008 and it has been rapidly developing ever since. The first product to see daylight was the economic calendar and in less than a year the list of daily broadcasts grew to six. All of them are available on-line to provide traders and financial professionals with technical and fundamental analysis. Most of the broadcasts have been updated since their initial release and they now fit the 16:9 ratio standard.
Dukascopy Forex TV expanded from its base of six daily programmes as the TV project started to branch out into the journalistic world - the press review was introduced and it was soon followed by interviews on various economic topics and currency rate forecasts.
In autumn of 2011, the Geneva TV Centre was unveiled and this was a significant step towards our goal of becoming the main financial TV media provider in Geneva, a market-place for information most crucial to financial professionals. New technologies and software are implemented in order to create the perfect environment for relevant discussions, including our online communication project ‘White Board’, which was introduced during the TV Centre opening event.
The Geneva Forex Event debuted in early 2010 and the Dukascopy Forex TV Team has been covering this unique event ever since. Our journalists started working with industry-leading experts during these events and this cooperation continues today. Each month, the most successful trader is interviewed by our TV Team and we also interview the trader and strategy contest winners.
Trading can be stressful and a little bit of humour can help traders have a broader look at the economic world and this is why Dukascopy TV launched its cartoon programme. In the beginning there was simply a bull and a bear which illustrated basic trading issues and this was later changed to a new approach where we focus on the current economic and political topics.


Warning: Any Invitee, Participant or Attendee to events/shows/interviews organized by DUKASCOPY Group accept that he/she may be interviewed (even by phone), filmed or shooted during such event by the organisation or anyone authorized by it in/outside its studios.

Invitees, Participants or Attendees agree with the use/duplication/transmission/diffusion/display/posting or other public use of images, photographs, audio files, videos, films, voice records, pictures to the widest extent and through existing channels of communication (TV, Internet, ...) by DUKASCOPY Group without any remuneration whatsoever.

Invitees, Participants or Attendees acknowledge and agree that DUKASCOPY Group shall be neither responsible nor liable when such use/duplication/transmission/diffusion/display/posting or other public use of images, photographs, audio files, videos, films, voice records, pictures is duplicated/modified by third parties in particular on internet.
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