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Trade CFDs on Crypto

  • Trade Long & Short
  • Leverage up to 1:5
  • Funds Protection
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Cryptocurrency Services

Bit coin

Dukascopy provides leveraged CFD trading on price movements of cryptocurrencies, its derivatives or value estimations.

Unlike traditional purchase of cryptocurrencies trading cryptocurrency CFDs (Crypto) allow speculative operations without having a digital wallet. There is no need to own cryptocurrency coins, which reduces cyber security risks.

Due to the leverage provided on trading accounts clients can hold cryptocurrency CFD positions larger than the amount of traditional currency initially owned.

Similar to other CFDs and FX instruments, cryptocurrency CFD can be short or long so the client can benefit from price movements in both directions, up and down.

Features of Crypto Trading

Margin trading on Crypto provides great opportunity for traders to:

Trade Long & Short

It is easy to speculate in both sides and earn on any price movement

Use Leverage

You can deposit less than your contract size on Crypto

Trade Safely

No need to store Crypto in a digital wallet, so cyber security is higher

Meet the Regulations

Unlike Dukascopy, many providers of Crypto are still not regulated

Hedge Risks

If you hold actual digital currency you may open short position on it and lock the price

Use Deposit Protection

Each client is protected up to CHF 100'000 against the insolvency risk of Dukascopy Bank

Range of markets

Currently Dukascopy offers CFDs on Bitcoin & Ether against USD
InstrumentDescriptionMinimum contract sizeMin trade stepPip value*
BTC/USDBitcoin0.010.011.00 USD
ETH/USDEther10.11.00 USD
LTC/USDLitecoin101.01.00 USD
BCH/USDBitcoin Cash11.01.00 USD
XLM/USDStellar25001.00.0001 USD
DSH/USDDashcoin11.00.01 USD
EOS/USDEOS100010000.001 USD
TRX/USDTRON25001.00.0001 USD
ADA/USDCardano11510.01 USD
UNI/USDUniswap510.1 USD
LNK/USDChainlink410.1 USD
MAT/USDPolygon10010.01 USD
AVE/USDAave0.10.10.1 USD
MKR/USDMaker0.050.050.1 USD
CMP/USDCompound0.10.10.1 USD
ENJ/USDEnjin10010.01 USD
YFI/USDYearn Finance0.010.011.00 USD
BAT/USDBasic Attention Token10010.01 USD

BTC/USD 11309.3
ETH/USD 222.2
LTC/USD 43.0
BCH/USD 590.8
DSH/USD 241.45

EOS/USD 4.93000
TRX/USD 0.084000
XLM/USD 0.33825
ADA/USD 2.13
LNK/USD 25.1

UNI/USD 23.8
MAT/USD 1.23
AVE/USD 281.9
ENJ/USD 1.57
MKR/USD 2446.4

CMP/USD 299.2
YFI/USD 34269.7
BAT/USD 0.69

Trading fees

  • The logic of Trading commission applied for Crypto CFDs is the same as for other CFDs and metals.
  • Dukascopy uses an ECN commission model, where the spread is separated from the commission. Check current prices and spreads on a free demo account.

Margin requirements

Margin requirements for Crypto are provided below:
InstrumentDescriptionMargin requirementsLeverage
BTC/USDBitcoin vs US Dollar20%1:5
ETH/USDEther vs US Dollar20%1:5
LTC/USDLitecoin vs US Dollar20%1:5
BCH/USDBitcoin Cash vs US Dollar20%1:5
XLM/USDStellar vs US Dollar20%1:5
DSH/USDDashcoin vs US Dollar100%1:1
EOS/USDEOS vs US Dollar20%1:5
TRX/USDTRON vs US Dollar100%1:1
ADA/USDCardano vs US Dollar100%1:1
UNI/USDUniswap vs US Dollar100%1:1
LNK/USDChainlink vs US Dollar100%1:1
MAT/USDPolygon vs US Dollar100%1:1
AVE/USDAave vs US Dollar100%1:1
MKR/USDMaker vs US Dollar100%1:1
CMP/USDCompound vs US Dollar100%1:1
ENJ/USDEnjin vs US Dollar100%1:1
YFI/USDYearn Finance vs US Dollar100%1:1
BAT/USDBasic Attention Token vs US Dollar100%1:1

Full information about Margin Requirements for all instruments traded on the SWFX Marketplace can be found on our website.

Maximum net exposure for Crypto is specified in the table below:
InstrumentMaximum exposure in USD (For Crypto)
BTC/USD100'000 USD equivalent
ETH/USD100'000 USD equivalent
LTC/USD50'000 USD equivalent
BCH/USD50'000 USD equivalent
XLM/USD50'000 USD equivalent
DSH/USD30'000 USD equivalent
EOS/USD30'000 USD equivalent
TRX/USD30'000 USD equivalent
ADA/USD30'000 USD equivalent
UNI/USD30'000 USD equivalent
LNK/USD30'000 USD equivalent
MAT/USD30'000 USD equivalent
AVE/USD30'000 USD equivalent
MKR/USD30'000 USD equivalent
CMP/USD30'000 USD equivalent
ENJ/USD30'000 USD equivalent
YFI/USD30'000 USD equivalent
BAT/USD30'000 USD equivalent

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