Short Description

Block Definition:"Get Historical Candle" -

This block retrieves previous candle data (OHLC, volume, time, period, etc) and store it in a Candle  variable saved in "Autocreated variable" section in the left panel

Parameters description:


Shift Integer parameter - defines the distance in integers how far the Candle has shifted from the current one. Current Candle index is always 0. Fill up this field obligatory.

Period select necessary time period you want Candle to get. Fill up this field obligatory.

Candle block returns - the result on block's work output is the Candle the user is receiving.

Flows: - this block has finished its work and the flow is over. The block has only one flow.

OfferSide parameter - Defines the Candle side. mandatory field.

Instrument parameter - select necessary currency pair. Fill up this field obligatory.

Main Description

This is mainly used when the user needs to work with a specific and unique candle data. The shift variable is set to select the needed candle. Obviously several blocks can be used whith different shift values and therefore every historical candle will have its dedicated output variable.