Candle - Data Type Description

Candle - this variable type allows to get info about a Candle (bar). This type also contains additional methods:

1)  Candle High - Double value type, returns the candle's highest price value;

2)  Candle Open - Double value type, returns the candle's opening price value;

3)  Candle Close - Double value type, returns the candle's closing price value;

4)  Candle Low - Double value type, returns the candle lowest's price value;

5)  Candle Volume - Double value type, returns the volume of the bar. This is the sum of volumes of best prices for each tick in this bar;

6)  Candle PeriodPeriod value type, returns the candle period's value;

7)  Candle InstrumentInstrument value type, returns the candle's instrument value;

8) Candle Time Date and Time(Long) value type, returns the candle's time.