Short Description

Block Definition:"Get Historical Candles" -

Unlike the "Get Historical Candle" block (without "s") , this will allow the user to get a set of data related to several candles saved in a unique variable that is called "Array of data"

When used, the data related to X number of candles is stored and the system will read through this array. The array of data is auto saved in a hardcoded variable and therefore this block has to be used with the Loop Viewer block to break down the output variable

Parameters description:


Period select necessary time period you want Candle to get. Fill up this field obligatory.

Candles Amount Integer parameter - defines the amount of candles in integers how much candles need to be retrieved by the block. Fill up this field obligatory.

Instrument parameter - select necessary currency pair. Fill up this field obligatory.

Flows: - this block has finished its work and the flow is over. The block has only one flow.

OfferSide parameter - Defines the Candle side. Fill up this field obligatory.

Shift Integer parameter - defines the distance in integers how far the Candle has shifted from the current one. Current Candle index is always 0. Fill up this field obligatory.

Candles block returns - the result on block's work output is the array of Candles the user is receiving.

Main Description