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Hi , yesterday i have entered a trade at price of 1.29910 with slippage 1.2 around 22 hours in GBPUSD . After the trade is opened , in few minutes i have seen my P/L pips to be in 14.4 pips without any market moment and in sometime i have observed that my P/L Pips are changing same with the current slippage when there is no market moment at all. i have setup a stoploss at 1.30063 and even before the market reached to its price it has triggered the stoploss and closed my trade. I have recorded my screen for information.

can anyone explain why my P/L pips are changing same with the slippage.

Video link. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_7uCV ... U-cIA7Y6dc

 Post subject: Re: Platform. Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Thu 02 Apr, 2020, 08:32 
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Your stop loss order was triggered by ASK price, not BID, which chart you were looking at. Due to the very illiquid market conditions, the BID/ASK spread was huge for GBP/USD. You can escape the stop loss trigger due to the widened spread if you set it against the opposite side - BID in this case. It will be triggered only if BID is higher than your price set, not ASK.

You had:
STOP LOSS BUY 0.001 mil. GBP/USD @ MKT IF ASK => 1.30063

You could have placed:
STOP LOSS BUY 0.001 mil. GBP/USD @ MKT IF BID => 1.30063


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