Authentication fails (801)

You receive an error message indicating that the authentication failed (Error 801 or a message stating that the login details are wrong).

Please follow this checklist to find the reason:

Wrong environment

Are the login details for a demo or live account? Please verify the environment in the login window.

Wrong secure code

Please read the instructions on how to use the PIN Code.

Live account but PIN code not enabled

Tick the box for PIN Code and type in the secure code.

Demo account but PIN Code enabled

Untick the box for PIN Code

Wrong entity

Are you a client of Dukascopy Bank or Dukascopy Europe? Please verify the application logo.

Wrong product category

Are these the login details for the correct product category?

Logins and passwords are case sensitive

Check CAPS LOCK on your keyboard.

Simply wrong login or password

Please verify if you are typing in the login and password correctly.

If you still cannot login after following the checklist, you may reset your password (and PIN code).

Should the authentication still fail, even using new login details, send an e-mail to support and attach a screenshot of your login window.

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