What's new

Candlestick tool

Available since version 3.2.13

New drawing object has been added in 3.2.13. It draws the candlestick and shows the OHLC prices from the start time to the end time.


Sorting of drawing objects

Available since version 3.2.13

Drawing objects can be sorted now similar to Indicators. Use context menu or drag&drop the objects in Navigator to change the order.

GMMA indicator

Available since version 3.2.13

Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator has been added with GMMA abbreviation.

It is a combination of two groups of moving averages with differing time periods.


Chart grouping

Available since version 3.2.2

Charts can be grouped

  • by instrument
  • by period
  • by side

in 4 different groups now. Right click on the chart tab to enable or disable grouping.


Daily change in Market overview

Available since version 3.2.2

Daily change and instrument's description is shown in Market overview.


Sorting of Indicators

Available since version 3.2.2

Indicators can be sorted now. Use context menu or drag&drop the indicators in Navigator to change the order.


Account section in main menu

Available since version 3.2.1

Account section has been added in main menu.

Change amount units

Available since version 3.2.1

Amount units can be changed from context menu in New order panel.


Clone indicator

Available since version 3.2.1

Indicator can be cloned in charts . Object's name is shown in context menu.


Levels for Channel lines

Available since version 3.2.1

Levels can be added to Channel Lines object in chart.


Show Levels of Fibonacci

Available since version 3.2.1

Levels of Fibonacci tools can be customized now.


New colours for market direction

Available since version 3.2.1

New colours have been added for market price direction in New order panel and chart themes.


"New chart" button

Available since version 3.2.1

"New chart" button has been added in chart area next to the chart tabs.

Horizontal Ray line

Available since version 3.2.1

Ray line can be drawn horizontally in charts with Shift hold. Same as Short line.

Open chart from New order panel

Available since version 3.1.9

A new button has been added in New order panel, which opens the chart of the instrument chosen.

2 wicks for Renko

Available since version 3.1.9

Besides the usual wicks for Renko charts, which are drawn in one direction only, the opposite wicks can be shown as well now. This is useful for low and high detection, when Renko are calculated on longer sessions, e.g. 1 hour.

Null bricks, which are bricks with 0 volume, can be shown transparent now. This feature is enabled by default and can be disabled in Preferences/Chart/Show transparent body for Null Renko bricks and Price Range candles.


Drawing object snapping

Available since version 3.1.9

Drawing object snapping has been improved. The circle indicates that the snapping is used. It can be disabled in the context menu of each object.



Available since version 3.1.9

Tables and charts can be full-screened now individually. Focus has to be set on them before F11 pressing (Control-Command-F for OS X).

Improvements in Navigator

Available since version 3.1.9
  1. The total number of charts opened are show in brackets now.
  2. Chart Templates are shown in Navigator as well now. There are several templates added in "Common" section. They can be opened by Drag&Drop on the chart area or from the context menu.
  3. New toggle button "Link with other panels" has been added next to the filter. If disabled, nodes do not get expanded and items selected, when the objects get selected in Charts, Code Editor and Strategies panel.


Mute sound

Available since version 3.1.9

The sounds can be muted in the right top corner, near the clock, now.


New Chart Layer: Tooltips

Available since version 3.1.8

New chart layer toggle button, which shows or hides all kind of tooltips has been added under "Chart layers" in chart toolbar.

Chart Layer toggle buttons

Available since version 3.1.7

It is possible to show/hide different layers in the chart on individual level now.

  • Current Best price - shows the best price line of the bid or ask, which is set in the chart settings
  • Opposite Best price - shows the best price line of the opposite side. e.g. if bid is set in chart, opposite side line will be ask
  • Drawings - shows all the drawing objects. If this level is disabled, but new object is added, the layer gets enabled automatically
  • Indicators - shows all the indicators on the chart. If this level is disabled, but new indicator is added, the layer gets enabled automatically
  • Historical prices - shows the historical prices on the chart. It is useful to hide it in case some indicators are drawn, which substitute this data. e.g. HEIKINASHI, CUSTOMCANDLE or MIDDLE_PRICES.


Time in Positions table

Available since version 3.1.7

There is a new column available in Positions table named Time, which shows the creation time of the position.

New UI for HDM

Available since version 3.1.6

User interface for Historical Data Manager has been changed and made more simple. Many settings like Flats filter, Day Start Time zone, Platform time zone and Price based period calculation settings are taken from Preferences.


Workspace path

Available since version 3.1.6

Workspace path has been moved to Preferences/Workspace

Logs path

Available since version 3.1.6

Logs path is available in Preferences/Advanced/Path

Gann Angle and Gann Periods

Available since version 3.1.5

Gann Angle and Gann Periods tools have been improved.

Indicator update: CUSTOMCANDLE

Available since version 3.1.2

CUSTOMCANDLE indicator is displayed in OHLC index now. Period can be changed in Advanced settings under "Calculate from custom data"


New indicator: Middle Prices

Available since version 3.0.18

New indicator MIDDLE_PRICES is available. It shows the middle price between the highs on ask and bid and lows on ask and bid. It gets calculated from ticks.


More custom time periods

Available since version 3.0.18

There are several custom time periods added by users request.


Create Workspace backups

Available since version 3.0.18

Workspace backups can be created by request from menu. They get also created automatically on each platform's new version open.


Workspace backups by date

Available since version 3.0.17

Workspace backups are shown by their date of creation in menu.


More custom values for price based chart periods

Available since version 3.0.17

Price based chart periods can be set up to 10'000 points now.


Save path for Chartshots

Available since version 3.0.17

Path for Chartshots can be defined in Advanced settings now. Also, this path gets changed and saved if user selects different folder when saving Chartshot. Similar logic gets applied for Workspace, Chart templates, Indicators, Strategies and Plugins when they get opened or saved.


Order comments

Available since version 3.0.16

We have added a new column Comments in Orders and Positions tables. Comments can be edited from Orders table for all orders except Place Bid and Place Offer.


Full screen

Available since version 3.0.16

Each window can be full screened with F11 key press now.


New time zone UTC +5:30

Available since version 3.0.16

We have added new time zone: India Standart Time UTC + 5:30



Available since version 3.0.15

It has become possible to autologin if Remember me option is enabled and Autologin is switched on under Advanced settings in Login window.


Cursor pointer values

Available since version 3.0.15

It has become easier to read Cursor pointer values now.


Time zone change

Available since version 3.0.14

Platform's time zone can be set by right click on the time in right top corner of the platform.


Preferences in OS X

Available since version 3.0.14

Preferences and About menu sections have been moved to the main menu for OS X users.


New indicator: Inverted prices

Available since version 3.0.14

INV_PRICES indicator is available in 3.0.14, which mirrors the historical prices.


Tracking line customization

Available since version 3.0.14

Indicator's values tracking lines can differ from Last price tracking line in 3.0.14. It can be customized under chart theme Misc section.


Orders distance

Available since version 3.0.13

There is a new column available in Order table: Distance

It shows the distance between the pending order price and current market price.


Table column customization

Available since version 3.0.13

Column customization is available in the following tables:

  • Position Summary
  • Positions
  • Orders
  • Strategies

In order to select/deselect the columns to display, right mouse click any column header.


Snap to Candle

Available since version 3.0.11

There used to be 2 separate settings for drawing objects snap to OHLC prices and time values in Preferences/Chart. We have removed them from global level and Snap to Candle/Bar price has been renamed to Snap to Candle under individual level of each object.

When changed, it gets saved for that object and applied on every new object drawn on chart.


Multi-select in Navigator

Available since version 3.0.10

There can be several nodes selected in Navigator since version 3.0.10


Historical orders info

Available since version 3.0.9

We used to show historical order labels in chart, which showed External ID and P/L and could be enabled/disabled in Preferences. In case of many order on the chart this approach was inconvenient and made the information almost unreadable.

In order to solve this, we show the tooltips instead now with a lot more information available.


Set price alerts from chart

Available since version 3.0.7

Price alerts can be set from the chart since version 3.0.7


Colour themes

Available since version 3.0.5

There are 2 colour themes available under main menu Settings:

  • Light (Default)
  • Dark


Zoom in/out

Available since version 3.0.5

Every object's size can be increased, which is useful for those who use monitors of higher resolution than Full HD.

There are 2 ways to do it:

  • from menu: Settings/Zoom/
  • Ctrl + mouse wheel scroll


Workspace: Restore

Available since version 3.0.5

There are 2 versions of built-in workspace available:

  • JForex
  • Standard

User can always restore the settings and layout from the menu:


There used to be "Standard" as a separate mode. It has been changed to a built-in workspace now

Workspace: Recent list

Available since version 3.0.5

A list of 5 recently opened workspaces has been added to main menu:


Workspace: Restore from backup

Available since version 3.0.5

User can open the automatically generated workspace backup files in case there is something lost in the user's workspace after new platform version launch:

Backup files are generated for each workspace on new platform version launch



Available since version 3.0.5

Best Bid/Ask spread is shown between best bid/ask buttons.


Daily price change

Available since version 3.0.5

Current day change in points and as %


Please note that "Daily change" result depend on the time zone set in "Preferences"


Amount spinner

Available since version 3.0.5
  • Click on the arrow up/down to spin
  • Click on the arrow to open the list of predefined amounts. Amounts cannot be customized.



Available since version 3.0.5

Place Bid/Offer buttons, Conditional order and Market depth panels can be hidden


Amount of the Market depth table rows can be changed


Price button colours

Available since version 3.0.5

There are 6 colour modes available


Instruments filters

Available since version 3.0.5

Instruments type is shown in different colours


Click on the arrow to filter by type


Search and filter by symbol


Instruments search

Available since version 3.0.5

Search by name or symbol inside New order panel or Charts. Search is made from all the instruments allowed.


Search by symbol inside Instruments panel. It works as a filter at the same time, so it is not possible to search by name here.


Instruments subscription

Available since version 3.0.5

In order to receive a price feed of some instrument, it needs to be subscribed. It is possible in New order panel as well now.

  • Click on unsubscribed instrument to subscribe and select
  • Hold Ctrl while clicking to subscribe for several instruments


  • Hold Ctrl and click on cross to unsubscribe


  • Clik on + to subscribe in Instruments panel when filter is enabled
  • Click on Subscribe button to subscribe from menu


Please note: the more instruments are subscribed, the more data are incoming and need to be processed. This can result in slower order request processing.

Instruments selecting and sorting

Available since version 3.0.5

Rows in Instruments table can be single and multi selected.

  • Left click to single select:


  • Multi-select by holding Ctrl or Shift or mouse drag over several rows
  • Select and drag within the table to custom sort


Click on column header to return to column sorting or use context menu:


Chart: Open

Available since version 3.0.5
  • Single or multi-select instruments


and drag on the free space in chart area to open charts


  • Drag on the existing chart to change the instrument
  • Hold the Ctrl and drag on the existing chart to overlay the instrument

Chart: Custom periods

Available since version 3.0.5

Add more opens Periods section in Preferences where more custom time periods can be added.


Chart: KAGI

Available since version 3.0.5

KAGI charts are available now


Indicators: Built-in indicators

Available since version 3.0.5

Besides Add indicator dialogue, built-in indicators are available in the Navigator panel now as well.


List of the recently used indicators is available in Navigator as well


More than 30 new built-in indicators have been added:

  • Chaikin's Volatility
  • Bollinger Bands - Fibonacci Ratios
  • Bollinger Bandwidth
  • Chande's Dynamic Momentum Index
  • Chande's QStick
  • Chande's TrendScore
  • Chande's Variable Index Dynamic Average (VIDYA)
  • Choppiness Index
  • Currency Slope Strength
  • Darvas Box
  • Disparity index
  • Ehlers Fisher Transform
  • Ehlers Laguerre Relative Strength Index
  • Elliott Oscillator
  • Gann HiLo Activator
  • Gann Swing Oscillator
  • Gann Trend Oscillator
  • Inertia
  • Kaufman’s Efficiency Ratio
  • Mass Index
  • Keltner ATR Bands
  • Kurtosis
  • McClellan Oscillator
  • McClellan Histogram
  • McClellan Summation Index
  • Rainbow charts
  • Rainbow oscillator
  • R-Squared
  • Schaff Trend Cycle
  • Stoller Average Range Channels
  • Trend Continuation Factor
  • Trend Intensity Index
  • Trend Oscillator
  • Trend Trigger Factor
  • True Strength Index
  • Volatility Quality Index
There are around 300 built-in indicators in total and source code is available for most of them.

Indicators: Add indicator on chart

Available since version 3.0.5

It is possible to search for the indicator among Common (built-in), Custom or Recent nodes in Navigator panel and drag&drop it on the chart.


There are some indicators, e.g. "Simple Moving Average (SMA)", which can be added to the main chart area as well as sub-panel.

Indicators: One Indicator on another

Available since version 3.0.5

Indicator can be calculated on the output of the other indicator. In the sample provided below SMA is calculated on the Volume:


Indicators: New indicator drawing style

Available since version 3.0.5

Histogram has been added as a new style for sub-panel indicators


Indicators: Custom data

Available since version 3.0.5

Indicator drawn on e.g. EURUSD can be calculated on different:

  • Instrument (it needs to be added on the same chart as overlaid first)
  • Period (list defined under Preferences)
  • Side (Bid or Ask)


Indicators: Show/hide

Available since version 3.0.5

Indicator drawn on the chart can be shown on one or several periods, but hidden on the others. User must uncheck this checkbox to customize it.


Indicators: Base period

Available since version 3.0.5

Values of some indicators, e.g. RSI, depend on the starting point in time. In order to avoid loading all the available price history, we have added Base period in advanced settings, which determines the starting point. We set its value depending on the chart period chosen, but user can disable it.


Complete list of the indicators with base period is available here.

Disabling Base period can lead to previous indicator's values change, when the new candle is drawn, as there is a certain amount of data in chart's buffer. 

Stop limit level

Available since version 3.0.5

We are showing the stop limit price level now if Maximum slippage for Stop or MIT (Market If Touched) orders is set. Max Slippage is mandatory for MIT orders.


SL/TP edit from table

Available since version 3.0.5

Stop Loss or Take Profit can be quickly placed/changed by left double click in the Positions table and Enter pressed for confirmation. Value needs to be deleted and Enter pressed to cancel the order.

All the editable table cells are marked with different background colour.


Used margin

Available since version 3.0.5

Necessary amount of money for holding a position (used margin) is shown for each instrument in Position summary now.

This is useful as leverage for each instrument can be different.


Trading notifications

Available since version 3.0.5

Each trading activity is shown as a notification, unless user disables it.

Notifications disappear after 8 seconds if there is a focus on the main window of the platform. They don’t if there is no focus.


Selection in tables

Available since version 3.0.5

Rows can be multi-selected by using:

  • Checkbox
  • Ctrl + left click
  • Shift + left click
  • Ctrl + A to select all rows


Price alerter

Available since version 3.0.5

Price alerter has been improved:

  • Toolbar added
  • Distance to the current market price added
  • Sorting added
  • Built-in sounds added
  • Possibility so set custom sound


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