Short Description

"Open at Market" - Block used to send market orders in accordance with the selected input variables.

Instrument to be traded.
List of instruments available in the drop-down list. This parameter is mandatory.

Lot Amount - the Lot amount to be input in millions, This parameter is mandatory. Type Double. Example: 1 for 1'000'000.00 | 0.001 for 1'000.00

Slippage value. Allowed distance in Integers between the market price and the order command price when submitted. Minimum value 0.

Stop Loss Integer - Number of Pips that determines the stop loss price.

Take Profit Integer - Number of Pips that determines the stop loss price.

Comment String - Text comment that can be written for further use. This is an optional parameter.

Stop Loss Double - Price of the stop loss according to the traded instrument format.

Take Profit Double - Price of the take profit according to the traded instrument format.

Position- Output variable that can be used to indetify and save the position's information as an array of data.

ONE Flow: Out of this exit the flow will go only once till the next event.

SUBMIT OK - Out of this exit the order command is submitted successfully

ORDER REJECTION -Out of this exit a rejection command is considered

FILL OK - Out of this exit, a total/partial fill of the position is considered

FILL REJECTION - out of this exit, a rejected fill is considered

Main Description

"Open at Market" block as it name says performs market orders sending. It offer for use multiple options to manage market orders through the input parameters. The output variable is an optionnal parameter but when used, it allow the user to identify and use the position's information data in several ways. The settings available in a drop-down list gives the opportunity to manage TP and SL order input in price format instead of pips format.