Short Description

"Set Stop Loss" - Used to submit a SL order to be linked to a position or an entry order.


Position - the Position or Order varaible identifying the parent order where the SL should be linked.

Stop Loss Pips Integer

Stop Loss Price Double

ONE Flow: Out of this exit the flow will go only once till the next event.

SUBMIT OK - Out of this exit the order command is submitted successfully.

ORDER REJECTION -Out of this exit a rejection command is considered

Main Description

"Set Stop Loss " as the name says, is a block used to place SL order linked to a given position. Simply drag and drop the position variable as first input and set the SL points in pips in the second input. Both parameters are mandatory.

The settings gives the user the option to place a SL order based on a specific price set in "Double" type in addition to the side of the trigger (Same side or opposite side).