Short Description

"Close and Cancel Position" - Used to close open positions and to cancel pending orders.


This is the position(s) variable to be closed and/or the pending order(s) to be cancelled. This field is mandatory and support only positions type.

This variable is set to perform a partial close of a given open position. The requested amount should be in compliance with the minimum lot amount traded per instrument type. This is an optional variable.


Out of this exit the flow will go only once till the next event.

Position Closed OK and or Order cancelled OK

Out of this exit the position variable defined in the intput is closed successfully and or the order (s) cancelled successfully.

REJECTED -Out of this exit a rejection command on position or order is considered

Main Description

"Close and Cancel Position" is block used to closed open positions and or to cancel pending orders. It manage positions and orders using Position variable type.

Either working with positions or with pending orders, the use should pay attention to the status of the variable:

  • Positions to be closed should be in "Filled" status otherwise an error occur.
  • Orders to be cancelled should be in "Opened" status otherwise the same error occur.

Examples of use available in Documentation section: