Short Description

"Positions Viewer" allow the user to do a sequence of instructions that is continually repeated util a given condition is reached. This will do the same job as the Loop Viewer used with positions array of data. The difference is that the Position viewer block is dedicated to Positions varaibles.


This is the input array of data in which the cycle will go through. This parameter is mandatory and support only Positions type.

This is the output where the result of the iteration is saved and can be used afterwards. This is a mandatory parameter ans supports only Positions type.


End of cycle

Main Description

In line with the loop viewer block, Position viewer is used to do a sequence of instructions related to the account positions information. Usually inputs can be picked up from "Position Info" section in the left pannel and it allow the user to work on a given status of positions (Opened, pending or all). In order to breakdown the used input into a variable that has a set of data, the user should create an output variable with the same type and therefore the result of the iteration will be saved into this new variable that will be saved in "Users's variable" section.