Short Description

"Custom TrailingStop" - Unlike the Trailing Stop block, the custom TS allow the user to set a trailing Stop loss order linked to a given Position with less than 10 pips for the trailing step.


Position - the Position or Order varaible identifying the parent order where the trailing step is linked.

Trailing Step - Integer value in pips of the trailing step from the base price. No minimum step required. This is a mandatory field

Stop Loss - Integer. Number of pips defining the SL order. This parameter is mandatory.

ONE Flow: Out of this exit the flow will go only once till the next event.

SUBMIT OK - Out of this exit the order command is submitted successfully

ORDER REJECTION -Out of this exit a rejection command is considered

Main Description

Similary to the regular trailing step block, the custom trailing step offers the option to insert a trailing stop order without a minimun requirement in terms of step in pips. The user should pay attention to the fact that this command (when sent) is not handled by the trading platform so he is not supposed to expect a trailing stop order type to be displayed in his Position pannel. The Custom an regular TS blocks have to be activated by the strategy to perform their jobs, in other words, the flow should go through the block so that the command is executed. If it doesn't, the SL order wont move according to the market price/base price.

Depending on the Position variable linked with, this block can achieve either single or mass trailing step SL orders. When associated to Position viewer for example , the user can send a trailing stop to every open position selected within the previous array.