Strategy - Description

Strategy - it is type of Block, which brings up the separate strategies. There are three sources of strategies, which enable a strategy to be available as a block in Visual JForex:
1) From Contest - all public strategies become available as components in Visual JForex, they are available for all users, even for anonymous users;
2) My Strategies - contains all current user strategies, which were built by the user, those strategy components are available only for the user who saved them.
3) Published strategies - the strategies which were developed and published specially for Visual JForex as Strategy Component.

 The standard Strategy Block if created from Visual JForex strategy contains, default Global (Global - is a variable setting, which defines what variable will be the parameter when the strategy runs) parameters: defaultInstrument,  defaultPeriod, defaultSlippage, defaultTradeAmount, defaultStopLoss and defaultTakeProfit.

The Strategy block can require all or several or specific StartPoint flowsINs. This is possible to understand by tooltiping the mouse on the strategy block flowIn or by flowIn color, see example:

 The Strategy Block can be used by 2 posibilities, which can be switched in Settings:

1) Independent - in this case, the strategy will trades (opens and closes) the own trades, will do what it should do.

2) Generate only Signals - in this case the strategy only will calculates it's own logic and instead of trading or closing, it will generates trade signals. So the strategy Output value is collection of Trade Signals, one 1 tick the strategy block can generate several trade signals (actions). Those Signals is possible in parent strategy to analyse and use it, see example: