Indicator - Description

Indicator - it is type category type of Block. An Indicator returns at least one output value, which should be filled obligatory. Each Indicator has at least three obligatory input parameters: InstrumentPeriod and shift Integer values and those values are filled with predefined values. In most cases they also have their own unique parameters. Instrument - the instrument the indicator bases the data calculation on; Period - the aggregation period of candles/bars which indicator uses; and shift - the numeric number from the last current candle. The last current candle - has shift index of 0, the previous candle - has shift index of 1 and so on.

In case the indicator has several output values and you need those values in another block, you just create for each output its own variable, which will contain the indicator data. You may then drag this variable to whatever it is needed.

Indicator can also have Settings - OfferSide and AppliedPrice, these are specific settings and in most cases are not obligatory. The OfferSide defines the input data side - Bid or Ask. Applied Price selects the Price or Price formula for the data input of the indicator.

Here is a the functional example of Indicator: