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  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Mon, Nov 30, 06:00
    Monday is a busy start of a busy week, so let's see which news releases stand out. I'm Louise McCauley with the Economic Calendar.
    So the schedule starts early on 11:50 the previous evening with two news releases regarding the Japanese economy in October. One of them is the Preliminary Retail Sales, which came in much weaker than anticipated in September, partially reversing a point 8% gain the previous month.
    Preliminary Industrial Production comes at the same time. Now, these figures surprised on the upside in September as output rebounded from a 1.2% drop in August.
    New Zealand Business Confidence for November is out at midnight. The Index saw a strong improvement in October, having spent the last 4 months below zero.
    Australian Private Sector Credit for October is released half an hour later. The loan portfolio continued to expand in September as both housing and personal credit went up.
    Japanese Housing Starts for October are scheduled at 5 AM. September results missed estimates by a wide margin as growth decelerated from 8.8% a month ago.
    Swiss KOF Economic Barometer for November will be available at 8. The Index dropped by half a point in October, but it remains close to its long-term average.
    UK Mortgage Approvals for October follow at 9:30. The number of approvals slipped in September, having grown for the past 3 months.
    Coming up next at 1 PM GMT is the closely watched German Preliminary CPI for November. The annual inflation inched slightly higher in October but falling energy prices remain the main drag.
    US Pending Home Sales for October are out at 3. Sales have been declining for the past two months and now stand at their lowest level in 9 months.
    The news flow gets light until half past 10 in the evening when the Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index for November is released. The Index lost 1.9 points in October but it still indicates a slight expansion in the manufacturing sector.
    Australian Building Approvals for October will be available at half past midnight. Approvals grew more than anticipated in September, but not enough to reverse the 9.5% drop in August.
    And a closely watched event for the Aussie Dollar traders concludes the schedule at 3:30, when the Reserve Bank of Australia will release its latest Monetary Policy Statement. The interest rate has stood unchanged for 7 months, so there have been speculations a rate cut could be in the works.
    So these are the news releases to watch on Monday, the 30th of November. Check back in for the next overview of news publications for Tuesday. Goodbye.
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  • Euro Area Bout Too Big?
    Phone Interview
    Fri, Nov 27, 16:31
    Euro Area data may pose problems, but is Turkey is a tighter position? Christopher Shiells, Informa Global Markets
    Keywords: ECB, Euro Area, Statement, Resilience, Market Volatility, Euro, Spanish Inflation, French Unemployment, U.S., GDP, Economic Recovery, Turkey, Russia, Sanctions, Lira, Russian Jet, Turkey's Central Bank
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  • Community Stars Nr.98
    Community Contests
    Fri, Nov 27, 16:13
    The winner of Miss Dukascopy 2015 is here!
    Keywords: Tax Partner With Bonnard Lawson, Geneva Since 2010 | Specialities Include Swiss And International Tax Advice With A Strong Focus On Inbound Investment By Multinational Companies Establishing Headquarters, Group Finance Centres, Holdings, Captive Insurance And Intellectual Properties In Switzerland | Also Offering Niche Expertise In The Field Of Commodities Trade | Member Of Faculty MAS LLM T
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Fri, Nov 27, 15:53
    Hello, I'm Jessica Walker and here's what has been moving and shaking in the currency markets on this last day of the trading week.
    New Zealand/Dollar started moving sharply down after 6 o’clock in the morning and the pair has lost point 7%, which is the day’s biggest move.
    The US stock indexes are still looking for direction and Greenback tops the advancers and decliners table, trailed closely by the Yen as overnight Japanese Core inflation stepped out of the negative territory.
    German GFK Consumer Climate declined slightly less than expected and Single currency is mostly higher ahead of ECB’s meeting coming up next week.
    UK GDP growth was unchanged at point 5% and Sterling is followed by a couple of commodity currencies – Australian and Canadian Dollars.
    Swiss Franc is trading lower and it’s close to level with the New Zealand Dollar, which wraps up the advancers and decliners table.
    Moving on to longer term charts, Dollar/Swissie leads the weekly advancers table with an increase of 1.52%. Swissie/Yen is the top decliner and it’s down by 1.55%.
    Australia/Swissie has gained the most over a month and it’s 5.75% in the green. Euro/Australia leads the bearish chart with a slide of 5.33%.
    And that concludes the Movers and Shakers report for Friday. Check back in on Monday for the next report, but for now, have a great weekend and goodbye.
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  • EUR/SEK to Grind Lower
    Fri, Nov 27, 15:41
    A look ahead with projections for the EUR/SEK. Peter Frank, BBVA
    Keywords: Euro, Swedish Krona, SEK, ECB, Riksbank, Mario Draghi, Economic Sentiment, Outlook, Currency Projections, Forecasts
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  • USD High Yield Debt at risk?
    Fri, Nov 27, 15:23
    Long-term T/A on USD High Yield Debt Nils Baranger, ChartGuidance.
    Keywords: Market, Timing, Financial, Forecast, Technical, Analysis, Chart, Trend, Trading, USD, High, Yield, Debt, IBLUS, IBoxx, HY, Index, ChartGuidance, Nils, Baranger, Dukascopy, TV, Geneva, Interview, Show.
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  • Swiss Regulatory Changes
    Fri, Nov 27, 14:22
    “What is coming is very important”. Glen Millar, Asset Manager Audit & Compliance SA
    Keywords: Asset Management, Assets, Switzerland, Regulatory Changes, Swiss, Banks, EU, Europe, Finance, Economic News, Glen Millar, ASMA, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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  • Black Friday Under Way
    Press Review
    Fri, Nov 27, 13:53
    Black Friday consumers targeting the best deals begin their shopping following Thanksgiving.
    Keywords: Black Friday, Finance, Consumers, Shopping, US, Retailers, Retail Market, E-Commerce, Adobe Digital Index, Thanksgiving, Amazon, Online Shopping, Macy's, National Retail Federation, NRF, US Dollar, USD, Sarah Quinlan, MasterCard Advisors, Press Review, Dukascopy TV
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  • Midday Snapshot
    Midday Snapshot
    Fri, Nov 27, 13:03
    Hello. As trading continues this Friday so does our coverage of the markets. Sam Meredith in the Dukascopy TV Center with the latest Midday Snapshot broadcast.
    Euro/Dollar’s gradual rise was followed by a drop and the rate stood point 25% in the red at noon. Traded volume is average and the neutral sentiment of the traders is close to a balance. Early hours provided some chances for bulls, but the following slide was good news for bears.
    Pound/Dollar moved sharply South after 8 o’clock and a loss of point 37% was recorded at midday. The Cable sees a typical amount of funds and the neutral sentiment is 7% long. Late decline suggests a successful morning session is more likely for those who had short positions.
    Dollar/Yen’s trend changed after the low of 122 31 was reached and the rate was back near the opening level after 12 hours of trading. Traded volume is average and most of the traders have been forecasting the rate to head higher. Trading should be successful if it was done after the daily low was reached.
    Pound/Yen has been trending lower and it was point 4% down from midnight’s level at noon. This pair has attracted an average amount of funds and sentiment of the traders is strongly bullish. Rate has been mostly moving lower, making loses more likely for investors.
    Euro/Yen declined by 49 pips hours into the trading day and traders have used less than half of the monthly average funds trading this pair. Sentiment of the traders is strongly bullish, long positions dominate by 50%. Late decline has brought risks for investors, but losses should be limited by the passive trading.
    That’s where Forex market players stand at this hour. You can continue tracking their performance through the hourly updates. Goodbye.
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  • Iran’s Implementation Day
    Fri, Nov 27, 12:40
    There are several challenges facing Iran as well as the region as the country looks to double its oil production. Dr Nicolas Guerrero, Managing Director of International Affairs Consulting.
    Keywords: Iran, Sanctions, United Nations, UN, Oil, Gas, Finance, Economy, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Commodity, Oil Prices, Foreign Trade, US, Obama, Institute Of International Finance, IIF, Nicolas Guerrero, International Affairs Consulting, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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  • Environmental Entrepreneurship
    Fri, Nov 27, 12:31
    How can small and medium enterprises reach the next level in 2016? Brindusa Fidanza, CEO, The Ground Up Project.
    Keywords: Environment, Environmental Entrepreneurship, SME, Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Finance, Investors, Environmental Sector, Environment Industry, Charity, The Ground Up Project, Brindusa Fidanza, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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  • Spike Controller
    Spike Controller
    Fri, Nov 27, 11:08
    The trading week is coming to an end, but don't let your guard down and keep checking your broker's price feed with the Main Spike Controller. I'm Jessica Walker.
    Euro/Dollar’s long term average and maximum spreads are point 29 and 1.1 pips respectively.
    Rate movement has been mostly flat for this pair and the biggest move has been a decline of point 51% or 54 pips.
    Last 24 hours have been calm for the spreads as the peak of only 1.1 pips took place yesterday at 11 PM GMT.
    The Cable has a daily average spread of 1.14 pips and maximum separation of 3.8 pips took place during the last hour.
    The high of 1 5128 was reached yesterday, but the rate has since declined by point 63% or 95 pips.
    Second estimate of the UK GDP was out just a half an hour ago and that’s the time of the peak daily spread.
    Both of the sides were separated for a number of ticks, but 3.8 pips is the biggest separation you should have seen.
    Last up is the Dollar/Yen, which has a long term average spread of point 43 pips. Max separation has been 1.2 pips.
    The rate declined by point 34% or 42 pips today, but it has rebounded from the low of 122 31.
    No major spikes have been recorded during the last 24 hours and the max of just 1.2 pips took place yesterday at 6:44 PM GMT.
    You've been watching the Main Spike Controller for Friday. Stay tuned throughout the day for the hourly updates of these stats.
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  • eCom21. Riga International Forum
    Fri, Nov 27, 11:05
    Join the DukascopyTV team at the Ecom21 Riga International Forum, discussing everything from e-money services, global payment getaways and e-money institutions with well-recognized figures within the e Commerce industry.
    Keywords: Ecomm21, E-commerce, E-Money, Services, Global Payment, Getaways, PayPal, Institutions, International Forum, Conference, Bitcoin, P2P, Electronic Payment, Online, Internet, Banks, Traditional Banking, Digital Marketing, Processing, Risk Management, Settlements, Alvaldi, EcommPay, 2CheckOut, I-Fact Services Limited
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  • Trading Signals
    Trading Signals
    Fri, Nov 27, 08:45
    It's time for this week's last Main Daily Trading Signal. I'm Louise McCauley and here's how the technical models line up with the interbank stance at 8 AM GMT.
    First up is the Euro/Dollar with 4 and 5 neutral indicators on its 1 and 4-hour charts, respectively. The 24-hour scale is mostly bearish. Neutral at less than 2% short, the interbank confirms the short and mid-term studies.
    Pound/Dollar's hourly chart is split between red and neutral models, and the mid-term turns neutral with 4 studies. The daily scale brings a contradicting mix of red and green indicators. Neutral at less than 9% short, the interbank supports the mid-term models.
    5 studies point South on Dollar/Yen's short-term chart, and the mid-term is divided between red and neutral indicators. The long-term scale is mostly neutral but, in contrast, the interbank is bullish at more than 44% long.
    Pound/Yen sees 4 sell prompts on its hourly chart, and the 4 and 24-hour scales both bring a mix of red and neutral models. The interbank is neutral at less than 13% long, and it does not match the technical studies.
    And neutral indicators prevail on Euro/Yen's hourly chart, but the mid and long-term scales turn red with 4 and 6 studies, respectively, and they are backed up by the more than 64% short interbank stance.
    That's all for Friday's Primary Daily Trading Signals. Stay tuned for the hourly updates.
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  • Support and Resistance
    Support and Resistance
    Fri, Nov 27, 08:41
    You're watching the Support and Resistance Level Report for Friday. I'm Sinead MacLaughlin and here's how our in-house model tests out on this last day of the trading week.
    Euro/Dollar has spent the last couple of days trading in the range limited by R1 of 1 0630 and S1 of 1 0590.
    R1 is the most confirmed resistance line with 16 studies, and R2 is a 20 day moving average with 2 models. A 6 month low is the only confirmation for R3. The highest support line has found 5 matches. S2 is backed up by Bollinger Lower Band, a psychological level and 2 other studies, and S3 counts a 4 year low among its 3 models.
    Pound/Dollar has seen its ups and downs, and it now stands between R1 of 1 5110 and S1 of 1 5070.
    The lowest resistance line has found 11 matches, including a 3 month low, and R2 counts a 20 day moving average among its 8 models. Standing near a 50 day moving average, R3 sees 6 confirmations. S2 leads in support with 6 studies. S3 is confirmed by Bollinger Lower Band, a psychological level and another model, and S2 counts Price Channel Indicator Lower Line among its 2 matches.
    Next up is the Dollar/Yen which currently stands between R1 of 122 70 and S1 of 122 40.
    R1 leads in resistance with 16 models, and R2 is Price Channel Indicator Upper Line with 2 matches. R3 counts Bollinger Upper Band as its only confirmation. Standing near a 20 day moving average, S1 has found 11 matches. S2 counts a 150 day moving average among its 4 studies, and a 50 day moving average is the only model for S3.
    And the last pair for this report is the Dollar/Swiss Franc, which has R1 of 1 0250 and S1 of 1 0220.
    R1 counts Price Channel Indicator Upper Line among its 6 models. R2 is confirmed by Bollinger Upper Band, a 4 year high and 3 other studies, and the highest resistance line has found a single match. The highest support line sees 7 confirmations. S3 is a 6 month high with 3 studies, and S3 counts a 20 day moving average as its only match.
    That concludes the Support and Resistance Level Report for Friday, but we'll be back on Monday with the next overview of the key price levels. See you then.
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  • Economic Calendar
    Economic Calendar
    Fri, Nov 27, 06:00
    The news schedule is short on this Friday, but it does have a potential market mover. I'm Sinead MacLaughlin with the Economic Calendar.
    So the closely watched second estimate of UK third quarter GDP is up first at half past 9 in the morning. The initial estimate came in weaker than expected in light of a slowdown in construction, and the annual gain is the weakest in 2 years. These figures could be confirmed.
    And the other item on this schedule is out at 1:30 PM GMT, when the Canadian Industrial Product Price Index for October is released. Rather predictably, lower petrol and energy prices pushed the Index lower in September, but it is worth noting that growth was recorded across most of the other subsectors.
    That concludes the Economic Calendar for Friday, the 27th of November, but things do get busier on Monday, so check back.
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  • Matters Of The Middle East
    Commodities Corner
    Thu, Nov 26, 16:56
    Will there be changes to the OPEC policy in their meeting next week? Christopher Haines, BMI Research
    Keywords: Middle East, Oil, Commodity, Syria, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Market, Crude, Brent, OPEC, Meeting, Vienna, Barrels, Geopolitical, Tensions, Indonesia, Production, Glut, Supply, Christopher Haines, BMI Research
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  • Peaking At The Right Time?
    Phone Interview
    Thu, Nov 26, 16:08
    “I think it's imperative that this problem is solved in order to ensure a sustained recovery”. Angel Talavera, Oxford Economics.
    Keywords: Spain, Spanish Economy, Finance News, GDP, GDP Growth Rate, General Election, Politics, Bad Loans, European Banks, Balance Sheets, US, European Market, Inflation Data, Angel Talavera, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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  • Movers and Shakers
    Movers and Shakers
    Thu, Nov 26, 15:50
    Find out what’s moving and shaking on the FX Markets on this Thursday. I`m Sam Meredith here in the Dukascopy TV Center.
    The day’s biggest move is a decline of point 35% and it’s posted by Australia/Dollar, which moved sharply down just shortly after midnight GMT.
    Yen leads the advancers and decliners table ahead of the Japanese data run out later.
    US markets are closed for Thanksgiving holiday and Buck is up against most of the rivals, trading in a close range with a number of majors, including Euro.
    Overnight New Zealand trade report surprised on the upside and Kiwi Dollar is followed by the UK Sterling. Second estimate of the UK GDP is out tomorrow and traders will be watching it closely.
    Canadian corporate profits dropped and Loonie Dollar is mostly lower.
    Swiss franc is up only from the Australian Dollar, which is the most bearish of the 8 majors on the table.
    So, where do the 8 majors stand in longer terms. Australia/Swissie has gained the most ground over a week and it’s 1.43% in the green. Sterling/Australia is the top decliner and loss measures at 1.83%.
    Australia/Swissie leads the monthly advancers table and it’s up by more than 4%. Euro/Australia has declined the most and it’s 3.89% in the red.
    These were Thursday’s Movers and Shakers. Tune in tomorrow for this week’s last release, but for now, goodbye.
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  • Instagram Hints And Tips
    Thu, Nov 26, 15:22
    “Instagram is a really good tool to engage with your clients and even your employees”. Matthias Lüfkens, Twiplomacy.
    Keywords: Instagram, Help, Advice, Social Media, Social Network, Videos, Photos, Pictures, Images, Social, SEO, Tags, Media Platform, Matthias Lüfkens, Twiplomacy, Dukascopy TV, Interview
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