Hi guys

I had a first interview in Dukascopy TV today and I am not sure If I said many thanks to Dukascopy and DFC team for their good job. I am really sorry about it. This was a most important thing what I wanted to say and I forgot.

I would like to explain why is this so important for me. All what we have here is really unique. You can find on this website lot of contests and anybody can find something to like. On the interview was a one question about my performance and my ups and downs. I am not going to tell you what was my answer but in fact I did a nice performance in 2012 and my 2013 results was very poor. One of the reason was that I did swap from Traders contest to Technical analysis contest. And this is it. It was my choice. I don't know much about fundamentals and news trading and I also don't know how to write a row of code. But I had a choice to pick something I like. I did pick a Technical analysis because I like it most. I also participated on article contest because I really enjoy a writing articles. I will tell you a true. I didn't improve my trading skills past 3 years to much. I am a same trader as I used to be 3 years ago but I wrote my first article at English in here. My language skills was really horrible 3 years ago. As you can see my language skills are not perfect even now, but it is much better than before. I am able to write an article and some of them are understandable. . Other thing I have got from these contests is systematic work. This was one of my biggest challenge for me. Now I can do all of my stats, analysis and targets on my own and I enjoy that. Now I have a blogs, I do my job and my stats by myself and all these inconveniences become a fun for me.

I don't want to forget one of the most important things. Contest is a huge fun in the first case, but do you know somebody, who will pay you for this huge fun? I think you already know an answer. Thank you guys for all of these things.
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