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Avg. draw-down
The average value of the maximum draw-downs in the Trader contest during the selected period
12-month PnL
Cumulative profit/loss in Trader contest for the latest 12 months
Avg. Profitability (monthly)
Average monthly profitability in Trader Contest, %
DEMO subscribers
Quantity of Social trading contest DEMO accounts subscribed to the trader's signals during the selected period
LIVE subscribers
Quantity of LIVE accounts subscribed to the trader's signals during the selected period
Total prizes won
Total prizes won during all months
of participation in the contest
Cumulative Profit/Loss dynamics ($)
Selected period: 01.01.2017 - 15.12.2017
* The chart is based on the continuous sum of periodic profits & losses. Starts from zero although traders actually start their trading with an initial deposit of 100,000 USD every month.
Total pip-points gained: ? The number of pip-points (EUR/USD pips)
scored during the given statistical period.
Avg pip-points outcome from all positions:
Most profitable trade (pip-points):
Worst trade (pip-points):
Avg pip-points gain on positive positions:
Avg pip-points lost on negative positions:
Number of trades: ? Number of positions opened
during the given statistical period.
Avg position size (USD):
Avg trade lifespan:
Maximum drawdown(%): ? Maximum equity's
consecutive depreciation
Avg. draw-down(%):
Number of drawdowns:
Share of trades conducted with cond. orders ? Includes pending entry
orders, SLs and TPs
Win/Loss ratio ? Positive vs. Negative positions
* All pips from different currency pairs are converted to EUR/USD pips (also called pip-points) at the prices of last settlement.

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