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20 April 2017
French election: Weekend leverage extension

On Sunday 23 April, round 1 of the French Presidential election will be held.
Due to possible volatility that any outcome may cause to financial markets, Dukascopy will extend the weekend margin policy by a few hours into the session starting Sunday 23 April 21GMT. There is no fixed time schedule to restore normal margin policy; it will be done once the election results are announced and after trading activity can be considered to be normal. Beware that no prior notice will be made to clients.
Please note that it is widely expected that a 2nd election round will be needed. It would take place on Sunday 7 May and further measure may be implemented at the time.

7 April 2017
Easter Weekend Market Closures
Easter Weekend market hours:

Several markets will be closed on the upcoming Easter weekend. The trading schedules for FX, Bullion and CFD markets can be found here.

Please beware of low liquidity and the possibility of interruptions on Friday 14th April and Monday 17th April.

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3 April 2017
CFD on single stocks launched on DEMO

The range of tradeable CFD instruments at Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe has been extended to most liquid share CFDs from Europe and the US. In addition to Germany 13 markets have been added, including UK, France, Switzerland and the US.

Currently the new instruments are available in DEMO and for Self-Trading accounts only, but LIVE environment is to follow soon. New CFD instruments can be added using the instrument selector in the trading platform.

The list of tradeable share CFDs will be gradually extended to include most liquid shares from all major stock markets around the world. 

30 March 2017
Minimum equity requirement decreased to 20 CHF
Starting from 30.03.2017 the minimum equity requirement for self-trading accounts at Dukascopy Bank is lowered to 20 CHF (previously 100 CHF) or equivalent in other base currencies. The Equity stop-loss level was automatically adjusted on those trading accounts where the default level has never been manually changed by the client. Traders are free to adjust their equity stop-loss level in "My Account" section of their client area, whenever necessary.
14 March 2017
Atualizações nas condições de negociação ņom opções binárias
As condições de negociação com opções binárias foram atualizadas. As principais mudanças são a duração mínima para os binários acima/abaixo e os limites individuais em instrumentos de negociação separada. Para mais informações fique à vontade para consultar a Trading conditions
6 March 2017
Change to Daylight Saving Time

Clocks will be advanced by 1 hour this Sunday 12 March in the US eastern time zone (EST). The FX trading day ending at 5pm NY time, Dukascopy Market opening and settlement time will be changed from 22:00 GMT to 21:00 GMT effectively this Sunday 12 March 2017.

Clocks will return to Winter schedule on Sunday 5th November.

23 February 2017
Updates in trading conditions for Binary options

Trading condition for binary options have been updated. The major change is the introduction of differentiated minimum duration for up/down binaries with different underlying instruments. Feel free to consult the Trading conditions for more information. 

14 February 2017
Dukascopy Europe joins the video revolution

Dukascopy Europe has successfully revolutionized the signing up procedure for its clients by integrating a modern technology developed by mother company Dukascopy Bank SA.

Clients will be able to choose Video Identification when opening the account, thus receiving a comfortable identification method that can be used anywhere in the world through Dukascopy's innovative and secure messenger "Dukascopy Connect".

With this technology, Dukascopy Europe has introduced higher limits for current and potential clients while reducing the time required for opening an account, which can also be done during the weekend.

07 February 2017
Dukascopy 911: Facing an Artificial Intelligence
Dukascopy Bank SA is proud to announce launch of Dukascopy 911, mobile question and answer service, where you receive rewards from Dukascopy for providing answers.
Thanks to this new service, users are now able to receive instant and relevant answers from community experts in a fun and modern way that are more relevant than a search engine.
Find out answers to your questions or join the expert community by downloading Dukascopy Connect, messenger developed by Dukascopy.
Dukascopy is looking forward to open 911 platform for BOTS in order to enter artificial intelligence age and to provide users with even faster and service that is more relevant.
Dukascopy 911 is designed to combine in one-place services provided by human and artificial intelligence (BOTS) and to create a competition between them. 
Who will win? Who will lose?
Intrigued? Follow this link to learn more. 
13 January 2017
Trading breaks on MLK day

Please beware of the following trading breaks on the coming Monday 16th January due to Martin Luther King day in the US:

  • USA30.IDX close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Tue 07:00 GMT
  • USA500.IDX close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Tue 07:00 GMT
  • USATECH.IDX close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Tue 07:00 GMT
  • LIGHT.CMD close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Mon 23:00 GMT
  • JPN.IDX close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Tue 01:00 GMT
  • XAU/USD close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Mon 23:00 GMT
  • XAG/USD close Mon 17:30 GMT
    - re-open Mon 23:00 GMT 


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