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Movimenti & Oscillazioni FX

Find out what's moving and shaking on FX markets. The Movers and Shakers chart shows a clear picture of the currency correlations where the eight most popular currencies are listed. It presents a vivid graphical view of how currency rates have shifted during the day. You can click on any of the currencies listed below to make it the reference instrument, showing how other currency rates have changed relative to it.

The Movers and Shakers table below shows price change for more instruments, providing a birds-eye view on how the market has shifted during a given time period. It displays what the price was, the current price and the change in percent, sorting the table by the latter. You can select to view the data for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly periods. At the bottom, there's also a link to the Movers & Shakers program on Dukascopy TV.

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