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20 October 2016
Alert of scam and abuse of Dukascopy brand name

Dukascopy Bank hereby stresses that “DUKES COPY LTD” and www.dukes-copy.com which were mentioned in some media and by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (http://www.sfc.hk/web/EN/alert-list/all.html#1738) as unlicensed entity, are not associated with Dukascopy Group in any manner whatsoever. Moreover, we suspect this forex related investment offer can be a scam. We are currently taking legal actions to protect Dukascopy brand name and reputation. 

30 September 2016
German Bank holiday on Monday, 3 October
Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday, 3 October
Trading hours:
FX, Gold and Silver
• Regular trading hours on Monday, 3 October


• Following instruments will be closed on Monday, 3 October: 
DEU.IDX/EUR, German single stock CFDs 
22 September 2016
New currency pair launched for trading on DEMO

Dukascopy is glad to expand the range of FX instruments list. Euro to Russian Ruble (EUR/RUB) has been added on DEMO environment.
Maximum leverage on EUR/RUB is set to 1:10.
More detailed information about trading conditions is provided in the corresponding sections of the website.

Video-identification revolution at Dukascopy Bank

Paperless, swift and easy onboarding…

Following the issuance of the FINMA circular 2016/7 on Video-identification dated March 2016, Dukascopy Bank was eager to be among the first financial institutions to use an in-house developed video-based on-boarding system, fully integrated to its IT infrastructure.

Dukascopy Bank is delighted to announce that, from now on, opening an account and starting to trade at Dukascopy Bank can be done within 1 hour.

This is a tremendous breakthrough and improvement in client experience. Dukascopy Bank was often criticized on Internet forums because of its long and bureaucratic account opening process requiring 10 days in average and up to 1 month.

What makes the opening so much faster?

[+] More...
Maximum exposure on CFDs and precious metals revised

Maximum net exposure limits for CFDs and precious metals are being adjusted. Please click here to see full details. At the same time default leverage for BRENT.CMD/IDX and LIGHT.CMD/IDX will be raised from 1:30 to 1:100. These changes will take effect as of 09-Sep-2016 at 14:00 GMT.

Improvements to Dukascopy Group risk management is ongoing. As with changes implemented during the EUR/CHF floor cancellation, Brexit or the Turkey coup attempt, the measures are taken to guarantee the stability of the group and protect its clients. In light of the current market volatility, risks of geopolitical catastrophes and aggressive central bank decisions, steps taken by Dukascopy Group will enhance brokerage business while significantly improve trading conditions for small and medium size traders.

05 September 2016
Dukascopy Bank published strong half-year financial results 2016

Dukascopy Bank has reached a new record in total income at CHF 17.2 million, 1.6% above the first semester 2015 which already was a record semester.

Due to higher operating expenses (+15.2%) reflecting IT developments and new marketing initiatives, the half year net profit is 25.8% below the same period 2015 but still is very satisfactory at CHF 2.5 million.

At Group level, consolidated total income is 2.4% above the first semester 2015 at CHF 18.1 million. However, the initial losses of our new subsidiary Dukascopy Japan, which is in launching phase, negatively affected the half-year consolidated net profit which amounts to CHF 1.9 million. Dukascopy Japan is showing promising growth and is expected to break-even in 2017.

Those figures reflect a very solid performance and continued stability in Dukascopy Bank and Dukascop Group financial situation.

We thank our clients, employees and counterparties for their trust and loyalty.
Complete individual and consolidated balance sheets and statements of income are available here.  

2 September 2016
US Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 5th

Beware of reduced liquidity on Monday, 5. September.
Trading hours:
• Regular trading hours on Monday 5. September
Gold and Silver
• Trading stops at 17:00 GMT on Monday 5. September
• Market opens at 22:00 GMT on Monday 5. September
• Trading stops at 16:30 GMT on Monday 5. September for the following instruments: LIGHT.CMD/USD, JPN.IDX/JPY, USA30.IDX/USD, USATECH.IDX/USD, USA500.IDX/USD.

Markets open at 22:00 GMT on Monday 5. September 

17 August 2016
Az átlag EUR/USD spread újabb rekordja: 0,16 pip!

A mai napon, az európai kereskedési időszak alatt a Dukascopy átlag EUR/USD spreadje még sosem volt ilyen alacsony: 0,16 pip. Ez a Dukascopy, az ügyfeleknek a legjobb kereskedési feltételek biztosítása mellett való folyamatos elkötelezettségének az eredménye.

Tekintse meg a Dukascopy EUR/USD átlag spread folyamatos csökkenésének alakulását az európai kereskedési időszakban:

2012. Október - 0.57 pip
2013. Január - 0.51 pip
2013. Február - 0.46 pip
2013. Március - 0.36 pip
2013. Június - 0.26 pip
2014. Január - 0.20 pip
2014. Február - 0.19 pip
2016. Augusztus - 0.16 pip

Ma, a Dukascopynál kereskedők élvezhetik a legjobb EUR/USD spreadeket a piacon: az európai kereskedési időszak alatt a jegyzett árfolyamok 46,1%-ánál 0,1pip, míg 44,7%-ánál 0,2 pip volt a spread.

Köszönjük partnereinknek, ügyfeleinknek és alkalmazottainknak a támogatást, amellyel sikerült a létrehoznunk a legjobb kereskedési környezetet az FX ágazaton belül!

03 August 2016
New currency pairs launched for trading on LIVE

Dukascopy is glad to announce the launch of Turkish Lira to Japanese Yen (TRY/JPY) and South African Rand to Japanese Yen (ZAR/JPY) for regular LIVE self trading accounts.

Maximum leverage on TRY/JPY and ZAR/JPY is set to 1:10.

More detailed information about trading conditions is provided in the corresponding sections of the website.

21 July 2016
New currency pairs launched for trading on DEMO

Dukascopy is glad to expand the range of FX instruments list. Turkish Lira to Japanese Yen (TRY/JPY) and South African Rand to Japanese Yen (ZAR/JPY) have been added on DEMO environment, responding to numerous requests from Japanese traders. These instruments will also be available on Live environment soon.

The new currency pairs are available only for Self traders’ accounts. More detailed information about maximum leverage, SWAP rates and trading breaks is provided in the corresponding section of our website.


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