Dukascopy News
US Small Cap 2000, Soybean and US T-Bond are available for trading on DEMO. Stock CFD commissions updated.
Dukascopy is offering a test-drive of new CFDs!
The following instruments have been added on Demo for Dukascopy Bank and
Dukascopy Europe self-trading clients:
• US Small Cap 2000 Index to US Dollar (USSC2000.IDX/USD)
• Soybean to US Cents (SOYBEAN.CMD/USX)
• US T-Bond to US Dollar (USTBOND.TR/USD)
For Dukascopy Europe clients the maximum leverage for the new index and commodity is 1:10. For the new bond, it's 1:5, respectively.
Release on Live environment is coming shortly.

Please also note that the fee schedule for single stock CFDs and ETFs has been reviewed. Follow the link to see the updated commission rates.