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remote run on Dukas server
 Post subject: remote run on Dukas server Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Thu 25 Feb, 2021, 20:54 
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Could somebody inform me the pros and cons of running a strategy on the Dukas server please

I understand the latency aspect

1) how much code needs to be rewritten with regard to messaging and using a logger ?

Bob M

 Post subject: Re: remote run on Dukas server Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Wed 30 Jun, 2021, 22:23 
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very simple - if you run Local then yes there is potentially the Latency issues, but MUCH more importantly if running Local then if your PC/laptop or ISP/WiFi/Network is disrupted or goes down then you have lost control of your Open trades. Could be expensive !!
I always write all code so it will run Remote - that means you can't attach to a Chart and you need to rely on Dukas Strategy Logs for logging info/debugging if needed.
Of course while you are just playing & experimenting on DEMO then maybe you don't care.
You can make decisions in your code depending when you running LOCAL or REMOTE against LIVE, or DEMO, or backTest:

if (engine.getType() == IEngine.Type.LIVE) {account_Type = "live";}
if (engine.getType() == IEngine.Type.DEMO) {account_Type = "demo";}
if (engine.getType() == IEngine.Type.TEST) {account_Type = "test";}
if (engine.getRunMode() == IEngine.RunMode.LOCAL) {run_Type = "local";}
if (engine.getRunMode() == IEngine.RunMode.REMOTE) {run_Type = "remote";}

boolean DemoLocalRun = account_Type.equals("demo") && run_Type.equals("local");
if (DemoLocalRun) {setupChart(); setupOutputFile();}


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