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 Post subject: Improvement of LIVE TRADER CONTEST Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Sat 27 Jun, 2020, 10:46 

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recently there was a blogpost like this:

Currently, the evaluation criteria includes profitability and traded volume at a ratio of 70:30.
Draw downs have a large impact on the success of trading activities. Risk, drawdown, returns are important elements of trading.

Perhaps DUKASCOPY could consider revising the criteria to include MAXIMUM DRAW DOWN with the following ratios:
Profitability : 50
Traded Volume: 30
Maximum draw down: 20

With implementing the maximum drawdown criteria the contest would gain in quality, because it would make it more realistic. Right now there are people with 50-60% drawdown (or even more), which means they take huge risks in order to get huge % return just for the contest... and the next week they blow their account. That is just gambling!

I think the drawdown criteria is necessary to create a fair contest for serious traders.

Hopefully you support this idea.


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