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startegy contest rating.
 Post subject: startegy contest rating. Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Sun 04 Feb, 2018, 16:07 

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5 February 2018

Dear members.
The ranking in the strategy contest is done on a special basis. It takes into account not only the total value of the trade but also good portion by way of draw downs and other add ons. Now we can increase our value of trade but once the draw down is taken then it is permanent and cannot be changed. So the importance of draw downs. Can I get suggestions from members how this draw down can be controlled or made nil to enhance the total. I thought of one suggestion. That is to keep the lot size low at say level of not more than 5 lot size. Am I right or is there any other better way of keeping draw down low. Would appreciate your comments. Thanks
Good luck to you all


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