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Trading Restrictions?
 Post subject: Trading Restrictions? Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Sun 28 Jan, 2018, 00:36 
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Hi, I just signed up for the traders contest but I think I'm beginning to understand these things:

1) Only certain instruments are available. I.e. no CFD's.
2) Every trade must be entered with a pre-determined stop and take profit which cannot be moved or altered afterwards

Is that correct? If so it should be made clear beforehand.

I have scoured these pages for hours and have not found any reference to these restrictions, yet I learn from the forums that it may be so.

Please clarify if things have changed from a few years ago regarding these points because if it is so then the whole thing is useless for me.

Thank you,


The Best Answer  Post subject: Re: Trading Restrictions? Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Sun 28 Jan, 2018, 05:31 
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Hello RaderTrader,

1- Currency pairs are only available for trading in the Traders' Contest. As of yet, no stock or commodity CFDs are available to trade but they may be included in the contest in the near future.
2) Profit and Stop Loss can be adjusted for an open position but when opening a position; those two are required and they must not exceed 2% from its current price.

As for the "Quality Points", make sure you don't open or close a position "At Market". So placing a pending order for opening a position and allowing the preset Profit and SL to a close a position is the way to earn and maintain those 50 bonus points for quality.

Writing a blog daily will help to earn you extra 1 point per blog, as long as it be relevant to trading and we can only be rewarded with 1 point no matter how many blogs we write in a single day. Just remember to use the "Trader's Blog" tag. Personally, I even include "Trader's Contest" tag in my blogs.

Demo Signal Subscribers are easy to get as long as you manage to be in the top ten ranking ladder.

Minimum size of trading volume is 100K up to maximum of 5M and multiple positions of a single currency pair isn't allowed. Also, we can only have 5 open/pending positions at any time.

Good luck to you in the February month's Trader Contest!


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