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Unblocking prize money
 Post subject: Unblocking prize money Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Tue 28 Mar, 2017, 18:25 
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Hello! I have a question regarding withdrawing prize money.

The rules says:
"The contest winners may withdraw their cash prizes and the profits generated from their cash prizes on their respective sub-accounts after meeting the minimum turnover requirement. The minimum turnover requirement constitutes 2.5 million USD for every 100 USD won in the contest.:"
"Participants are allowed to withdraw funds in full only when there are no blocked prizes on the account. Profit can only be withdrawn when there are no blocked prizes on the account."

I won more than 2000$ overall in traders contest. So to unblock full sum I have to generate 65.5$ millions of turnover. Is it possible to unblock funds partially? I trade for about 1.5 month pretty intensively, generated over 3$ million of turnover and I was hoping that at least 100$ of my prize money will be unblocked. I already generated more than 100$ of commission for dukascopy. So to unblock full sum I have to trade for about 2.5 years and will probably generate more commission than prize is. Is it so, or I misunderstand something? My main question is can I unblock my prize money partially and withdraw it (partially)? Thank you.


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