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Usability bug - added indicators are invisible when indicator panels are minimised
 Post subject: Usability bug - added indicators are invisible when indicator panels are minimised Post rating: 0   New post Posted: Sun 17 Nov, 2019, 23:29 

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The ability to double-click to minimise the indicator panels at the bottom of the chart was a welcome new feature.

But it's introduced a usability issue.

If you add a new panel indicator when the panels are minimised, nothing visible happens. So it's quite natural to assume that something went wrong and try again. And again. And then assume there's a bug in JForex and give up.

In terms of good usability design, it would surely be better to un-minimise the panels and show the new indicator to give the user visual confirmation that their action in adding the panel has succeeded. Plus, the reason they added the panel is presumably because they want to view it, so it doesn't make much sense to hide it.

Keeping the new panel invisible can be very confusing - it requires the user to remember that the panels are minimised and deduce that it's been added, even though they can't see it. This is too much of a cognitive load, especially when people may be preoccupied with their trading.

You seem open to sensible usability suggestions, so I hope you'll fix this. It can't be a big job.


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